The Undoing – Part 4

“Ok. Just give me a minute to ditch the blonde. I’ll call you when you should walk out,” read his message.

We made eye contact one more time before I heard him telling Ricky, Mandy and the blonde how tired he was and that he was headed home. Ricky looked at him quizzically as the blonde tried to coax him into staying, but said nothing. I could tell he was trying to figure out why his friend would head home, leaving a sure thing behind. Then Ricky looked at me. His chin lifted and he smiled at Stephen as understanding washed over his face. Stephen grinned at his friend while he hugged the blonde goodbye and then headed for the door.

I waited, sipping the last of my drink. A few minutes later my phone rang.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi,” he drawled. “It’s safe for you to leave now.”

“Walking out,” I said while I waved bye to the bartender and gave the trio sitting just down from me a nod.

He had driven to the edge of the parking lot to wait for me. I pulled up behind his car and followed his taillights the short mile to his house and into his drive way.

I got out of the car, as he came walking up to me. He wrapped his arm around me, shepherding me to the front door.

“I’m not going to have sex with you,” I whispered in low throaty voice I hardly recognized as my own.

“That’s ok,” he said, “You’ll be plenty fun without that.”

As we stepped across the threshold he pulled me closed and kissed me. My keys and purse dropped to the floor with a thud. His mouth never left mine, attacking my lips with a hot fierceness as we stumbled together towards wherever he was guiding me.

His room. We had made it to his room. My hands were all over his body, feeling the contours of muscles under his clothes. His mouth attacked my lips, his beard soft against my face. Eager fingers wound through my hair, claiming me. I pushed against him, biting his shoulder matching his roughness move for move. We crashed against walls, furniture and bed, each wanting and giving more.

He smelled of hay, pine needles, fresh air and man. I drank in the scent like a cat discovering catnip. He unzipped his jacket and I pushed it off his shoulders, leaving him in a tee shirt and jeans. My hands reached for his waistband, untucking the shirt and slipping beneath to creep up his stomach and then to his chest. He pulled off his shirt and then reached for the bottom of mine, stripping me in one smooth motion. Then he paused, staring at my breasts, encased in a black lace bra. He moaned and grabbed me, pulling me tight against his body. Skin on skin, he dipped his head to my neck, his mouth urgently working its way down to my collar bone and then lower. When he came to the top of my breasts he slowed, briefly and covered them with open-mouth kisses before reaching inside my bra, pulling my breasts up and out. He covered them with his hands, teasing my nipples to sharp points with his palms, watching my face contort with pleasure.

He wasn’t done. Not anywhere close. Mouth met nipple in a fury of passion, biting, sucking, tugging. A deep, rumbling scream escaped from my throat. The combination of pleasure and pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I reached for his belt, unfastening it quickly to get to the button underneath. I reached inside his jeans and touched his hardness for the first time. It was huge.

He undid his fly and kicked off the jeans, leaving him standing in just his boxers. The hidden bulge captivated me. Slowly I pulled down his boxers and, in the dim light, saw his cock.

“Oh my god,” I whispered.

I feel to my knees, bowing before it, touching it with both hands, feeling it’s perfect smooth texture. I took him into my mouth and as my tongue flicked around the massive tip, he tilted his head back and released a quiet roar.

A couple of hours later I stirred in his arms. I slowly eased out of the bed, relieved to see I was still wearing my jeans. As I sat up, he jerked in is sleep, pulling me tight against his body, mumbling something I couldn’t understand against my hair before kissing my forehead. I lay still, waiting for him to relax. When his breathing steadied into a calm rhythm I rolled away, careful not to wake him.

I was fully dressed and had just found my keys when he woke up.

“You’re leaving?” he questioned in surprised tone.

I walked to the edge of the bed and looked at him lying there, not knowing if I would ever see him again. I reached out ran my fingers through his short brown hair before bending down to softly kiss his lips.

“Yes dear, I’m leaving. Thank you for everything.”

I opened the door and slipped into the night, driving away from the stranger.

The alarm on my phone chimed at 6:30 on the dot, just like every morning. I stretched in my bed, feeling a little disoriented. Why was I sore? I walked into the bathroom, flipped on the shower and pulled off my gown. Then I saw my reflection. Dark bruises peppered the white flesh of my arms and chest. As the night before came back in a rush, I grinned at myself in the mirror, shocked at my actions, but strangely pleased as images of the passionate night raced though my brain.

9 thoughts on “The Undoing – Part 4

  1. Hahaha, I knew it! You have instant nipple Os don’t you? I can’t remember which post it was now, the nymph one maybe, but I read something that hit me. Still not sure how you say no so easily. You crack me up! This is sexy stuff, Marian! ♥ I hope there’s more still to read. I am not into erotica at all, but I think you do sexy right.

    • In answer to your first question, often, yes. :) I’m so glad you enjoyed it and the balance of sex verses story. I’m more into leaving the juicy (pun intended) details up to the imagination.

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