Blade to Skin

You let me shave you. Brave man. Hot steam from the shower swirled around our bare glistening bodies. You shaved quickly… Complaining about it.
“You missed a spot,” I whispered, running my fingertips over the stubble.
The shaving cream felt smooth in my hand and then on your face as I added more. When I slowly removed the razor from your hand you didn’t stop me. Instead you lifted your chin exposing your jugular. Crazy man. Gently, carefully, slowly I made my first pass along your jaw line. You stood motionless watching my fascination. I didn’t expect the tug of the whiskers on the blade… So different than shaving the fine blonde fuzz on my legs.
You never flinched. When I finished you pulled me close, wet skin on wet skin.
“I’ve never done that before,” I confessed.
“I’ve never let anyone do that before,” you said, and bent your head down to kiss the top of mine.

Talk to me. Please.

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