The Oldest Verb: To Cleave

This is one of the most moving things I’ve read lately.

objets d'vertu

by Stacy Ericson

I want a knife tonight
one that fits my hand
black, balanced, sharpened to a fate
made to slice fat and sinew
in something hungry and dead
I’ll use it light and fast
to cut away the years that stand
between your birth and mine

There’s a deep groove for tears
along the Interstate we didn’t travel
where Destiny counts coup
scalping knives on slick highways
sterile rest areas and truck stop snacks
She tracks the ways we could have come
together but did not
I want revenge for that

How can I love you so
with the knife incise that symbol
on a black and rain wet tree
as you mark me as your own
then lie with me in russet leaves
and make fog rise in and out on air
in fields and subdivisions more blessed
Now carve on me your every fevered plea


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2 thoughts on “The Oldest Verb: To Cleave

  1. I have just nominated you for the TMI Award. If you want to know the rules they will be posted on my blog tomorrow. :)

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