12 thoughts on “Keep Your Legs Crossed

  1. I enjoyed reading this. Somewhat my state of mind:). Was still telling my hubs yesterday that no one is visiting my blog now that i’m trying to go classy…lol. Guess we really are all dirty minded people :). Well done!!! I read anything and everything you post, and enjoy them. Keep writing!!!

  2. Darlin … never worry about sharing that type of stuff with us. It’s what most of us do … and frankly … I think the men love it.

    Anyway, I enjoy you whatever you write.

    No worries,


  3. Yeah, I leave the house to go to a job I both despise and can’t leave. I come home to a wife I constantly lie to and try not to think about a woman I know I can never have. I really REALLY need some laughter and a few O.O WHOA moments right now so I’m so glad you found me. Please keep the good stuff coming.

  4. I’ve been posting almost nothing but short stories with next to zero sexual content for a year and a half now. I don’t get a lot of traffic. I do find that “anne schilde sex” is a disturbingly popular search term.

    Honestly, I loved your Saturday post. It was casually written and sexy, with no raunchy detail. It made me laugh and it made me really feel like sleeping in.

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  6. First, thanks for visiting Brown Road Chronicles! I too, have decided I will never be Pressed, not because of a sexual nature, but because I tend to use a bad word or two in my posts. That’s okay, I understand that. I wrote this post some time ago about getting Freshly Pressed: http://brownroadchronicles.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/getting-fu-fu-freshly-pressed/ I thought it was funny, but I think it was the nail in the coffin that officially ended my chances! :-)

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