The Past Making the Future

This is my horoscope for tomorrow… I like the idea of strength coming from hurt.
Thu, 29 March 2012
There is an old saying: once bitten, twice shy. People who know how painful an experience can be are always reluctant to go through it again. People who have no such first-hand knowledge, can allow themselves to be more cavalier. Or that’s the theory. If you have been bitten and you have recovered from the bite, you may be less intimidated than someone who can only imagine what the whole thing feels like and who, naturally enough, imagines the worst. Your past may yet be the reason why your future is so fruitful.

5 thoughts on “The Past Making the Future

  1. Great insights. I think it doesn’t just depend on the past, also how you think about situations and as you say, how you’ve coped and whether you’ve healed. If you hang on to the “fool me once” mentality, you might miss out on something great. Or you might protect yourself from something terrible. Proceed with caution and thanks for sharing!

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