You Like me? You Really Like Me?

Thank you! Thank you! I’d like to dedicate this award to the alcohol that oft influences my decisions that lead to post inspiration, my grandmother’s genes for bestowing upon me both her hourglass figure and slightly adventurous ways, you precious people who read, like and comment on my outpourings and most importantly the dear gentleman at Unrequited Love Just Sucks for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The rules of accepting as far as I can gather include: adding the above image to your post, sharing seven things about yourself and bestowing the award upon seven other bloggers. Let the bloggers you awarded know you awarded them. So yes… it’s a bit like a chain letter and funny email forward combined, but I’m playing. So there.

Seven things about me:

1. I’m Southern to the core, blonde and as you may have gathered from the paragraph above more of a Joan Halloway than a Betty Draper.  (That was three in one, but I’m feeling generous tonight)

2. I believe ladies and nymphy sex kittens aren’t mutually exclusive.

3. I’m a sucker for alliteration. Devastatingly so. Always. All the time.

4. I read the end of books when I’m not familiar with the author prior to committing to the entire thing.

5. I’ve been riding horses since I was five—English, not western. Hunter/jumper, not dressage—and find the smell of clean equine intoxicating.

6. I drink white wine more than red—not because I like it better, but because it doesn’t stain my teeth.

7. I was more honored by Unrequited’s comment that my “humorous stories and eyebrow-raising posts have done alot to keep [him] in good spirits in recent weeks.” than by the actual award.

Now for my fellow award recipients.

1. Boomie Bol because she’s just so darn genuine.

2. Anne Schilde because her ghosts have really great stories. (And I don’t expect her to play along, because I’d rather her spend those precious minutes cranking out more about Kate.)

3. Dean J. Baker because not only does he spread the “like” love on my posts, but I swear has already “liked” 98% of the post I like. I also suspect him of using his prose to get into girls’ (yes plural) pants (prose… pants… see the alliteration?) and frankly that amuses me. He’s another I don’t expect to play along… but maybe he’ll comment.

4. Dear, sweet Gillian at Back Door Press because, well. She’s Gillian. And that must be synonymous with sexy, welcoming, funny… I could go on. Just pop by and see for yourself.

5. Hopeless Romantic because he’s a true darling with a beautiful soul.

6. Hyacinth at A Dissolute Life Means because this girl thinks hot, writes hot, is hot. And has a puppy. And a neighbor I want her to share.

7. The Blissful Adventurer because he’s hot, drinks/knows good wine, writes like a bat outta hell about travel, food and more, is from Texas, makes me laugh and if I know good writing (and I do) will be published eventually. Did I mention he’s hot? Another one who I’d rather use his writing time for his normal posts rather than playing along. But perhaps he’ll comment.

8. Everyone who’s ever liked, commented or followed my blog. You are my new addiction.

20 thoughts on “You Like me? You Really Like Me?

  1. I am having a hard time recognizing myself blushing like this :-) Am I to gather you are from the Lone Star State as well my friend? Cheers to you for this honor and for being such a charge into my evening last night and my day today. Joan Holloway is way hotter than B Draper and the simple fact we both know that to be true is a great start.
    Un abbraccio forte,

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