In Praise of Broad Shoulders

It’s not fair really. Men either are or aren’t born with the wide upper skeletal structure that so enamors me. In this they have no control. The ones graced with such a foundation catch my attention before all others, and they’ve done nothing to earn it.

Broad shoulders on their own speak of power and protection. For what else can encase a woman so poetically, serving as both shield and shelter. I don’t want your body ripped, sculpted and carved to harsh extremes for where is the comfort in that? I long to nestle in the hollow where limb joins torso and rest my head on the pillow of muscle and skin that coats the upper arm and joint. See? Look how nicely I fit. We merge like two interlocking puzzle pieces. My head is heavy. It holds so much—my dreams, ambitions, memories—I need shoulders strong enough to support its weight.

When I run my fingers across the expanse of a back I want it to take a while to trespass from one side to the other. I want my hands dwarfed by the enormity of your shoulder blades. As you lie sleeping I want to see a felled giant, peaceful in repose but a force with which to be reckoned if roused.

And when aroused, hover over me, supported on twin pillars of strength. Pull me in close and wrap me up so tightly that not a molecule separates our points of skin on skin. Reach up and under my arms, claiming me, crushing my breasts against your face, locking your fingers against my back so that even if I bucked against you and tried to escape, I couldn’t.

39 thoughts on “In Praise of Broad Shoulders

  1. Amen, my sister. Oh.My.God. Wide shoulders, narrow waist … mmmmmm. My mouth waters at the thought. I always loved Bruce Lee’s body, he was short, I like ’em tall, but he was a tasty morsel.

  2. I love “twin pillars of strength” and am now completely aroused at 6:30AM. All dressed up up with no where to go! Lush and lovely Noodle.

    Dawn (I never had a nickname really. “Tree” in fourth grade as I was getting close to 6 feet tall already….please, never call me tree. I hated fourth grade!)

  3. My head is heavy. It holds so much—my dreams, ambitions, memories—I need shoulders strong enough to support its weight.

    What an awesome line… Nice writing! :)

  4. Yum! Can we do a head to toe delineation of the parts of the male form we enjoy? It can be like tag. You got shoulders, someone else does backs, but I call butts! I am a life long fan of that part of the male physique. :)

    • YES! Love this idea. I’ll come up with a prompt and post next week. Then anyone who wants can participate, link to it and then I’ll link to all the posts like BeKindRewrite does. And we can read each other’s thoughts on the topic. Brilliant darling!!!

  5. Um, I like the photo. :)
    Your last line. I am such a sucker for that feeling too. Because it isn’t just the idea of being overpowered, it’s the idea that I trust him to overpower, that I’ve chosen him, and given him permission over all other men, to do that. Ain’t nuthin’ sexier.

  6. Holy crap, girl! I’ve missed a week and you’ve been busy!

    I was joking when I responded on one of Jezzmindah’s posts, about how men should be the cry caretakers. What I said though was true. Ultimately, the only thing that works is a hug, and I want that big, strong, broad-shouldered, protective hug.

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