That Funny Feeling

Sending a mass “Are you busy tonight?” text to all the men I know who’d be willing to go down on me is a bad idea. Right? RIGHT? Someone talk me down from the ledge. Quickly. My level of pent-up need, longing and general wantonness has reached a tipping point and my body wants me to resort to drastic measures.

I can’t quite let myself hit send on this need-major-tending-to-NOW all points bulletin.  I don’t do that. Only a select few have been allowed to preform on my stage, though many have auditioned for the position. My body is shouting for an open casting call. I will breath. I will remain calm. I will remain in control. I will stop soaking my panties.

Just one tiny text?


27 thoughts on “That Funny Feeling

  1. Sympathies. I don’t have a soul to relieve my tension. My time of the month grows nigh so I know where my problems stem from. Don’t do anything rash! Lol

  2. OMG – I was just writing a draft hating on the fact that I CAN’T GO GET A MAN! because weird, bizarre and violent possibilities I imagine scare me. I put it in draft because it was basically a rant. I decided to read blogs and cracked up at your post. I SAY DO IT!! My only advice would be to be selective and no strangers! Go ahead!

  3. today is hump day, yes?
    you could you send out a coded subliminal message
    with “hump day” images?
    and see who gets it LOLs
    I feel for you….
    though I’ll live vicariously through yor adventures …

    Good Luck, and we won’t shout jump!
    we’ll let you decide …
    .hope its alright i put my 2cents in

    Take Care…

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