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Breaking News! Penises don’t exist! At least according to While working on an upcoming post I was grasping for a synonym for the male member other than the often used cock and dick. So I pulled up my online synonym producer, typed “penis” in the search bar and clicked enter. This came up.

What? No results. Oh… I’ll show you some results. My growing post on penis worship will just have to develop without their limp site.

29 thoughts on “No Results Found

  1. Lol. Penis worship. What an interesting way to phrase that. I hope you find the penises because it would be most unfortunate if they all went missing.

  2. Shaft, rod, bone/boner, erection, meat, manhood, tumescence (that’s one of my faves), pole, piston, spear, baby-arm, turgid flesh, bulge, ridge, lump…. I just thought of a post! xx

  3. I give credit to D.H.Lawrence for Mellor’s penis. Lady Chatterley learned to grow very fond of his ‘John Thomas’. In Victorian literature, I’ve seen ‘sword’ and ‘weapon’ and variations thereof. Also there are many words implying assault on a citadel. ‘Schlong’ (my guess) comes from the porn industry. Think John Holmes. Oh, how could I overlook ‘pego’ also from Victorian literature.

    I don’t use for the reason you just found.I like your column.

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