In Which Lover Takes a Lover, I Attract Girls and Smell Like a Fire Pit

It’s five o’clock in the morning. I’m going on three hours of sleep from the night before. And it’s been interesting. I know I teased a post on cock worship and it’s coming. But tonight/today takes precedent. Fair warning. This will not be proofed or edited until I wake up. Later today.

Lover was back in town. This was good news for my needy self. For a reminder of just how needy I was, click here. I show up, he’s glad to see me, etc. and lets it slip that he was in town last night. What???!!! My crotch wanted to light up like a search beacon and he was ten minutes away? After beating around the proverbial bush he finally admitted why he hadn’t let me know he was back. Turns out he met a girl a few weeks ago and now they are seeing each other. I didn’t know how I’d react to this news when it came and I’m pleased that I was truly happy for him. You don’t enjoy someone for five months without caring for them and wanting the best. The only problem is she’s asked him to be exclusive. And he agreed. Apparently I’m an exception. So we shall see how this plays out.

After letting me impale myself on his tumescence (thank you Hyacinth for the sexy word) until I had relieved my pent up wantonness, he dosed off in a whiskey and weed stupor. And I wanted to go out. 10:45… the night was young. So I headed to the local bar planning to have one, maybe two drinks and then come home to bed.

Instead I met two fun girls and their boyfriends/current guys. More to come. It’s 5:40 and my eyes are refusing to stay open.

Click here for the conclusion.

17 thoughts on “In Which Lover Takes a Lover, I Attract Girls and Smell Like a Fire Pit

  1. Score on being the exception. At the very least to scratch the current itch while you take time to process the news. With my recent experience in a very similar situation, I too was very happy for my FWBs newly found happiness but it was hard to not be tainted at least a bit by the thought “but we were supposed to have sex tonight”.

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