Come To Me

I’m waiting. Always waiting. Ready to greet you with a smile and a lover’s kiss. Come to me and let me wrap my arms around your neck, pressing my body against yours. Feel my full breasts crush against your chest, my pelvic bone tilt and press deep into yours, leaving you with no doubts about my intentions.

I will follow you anywhere. Lead the way. Take me down lustful paths where beds are optional and eons in your arms are a given. Cherish me like the last day of summer and the first day of spring. Shower me with kisses, melding lips and tongues until we’re no longer sure where your mouth ends and mine begins.

Undress me. As each button on my blouse reveals additional creamy skin, take your fill. Feast on my ample pillows. This hourglass is yours with no time limit. Unzip my skirt and slid it over my hips and down my thighs, kneeling before me as you do so. Look up and see all that is yours, if you would just come to me.

Lay me down in all my naked glory and relieve me of my wantonness any way you choose. I trust you. Watch as I touch myself for you, running open palms over my breasts, waist and hips. Feel yourself throb with need. Use me to take your pleasure for by giving to you I get the ultimate prize. I get you to come to me.

I’m waiting.

40 thoughts on “Come To Me

  1. maybe he’s run out of petrol…maybe he’s got a flat…maybe he doesn’t know which gear stick to use first…maybe he’s driven without due care and attention and fallen into your prospect…whole…maybe he’s briefly lost his sight…his balls’ bearings…maybe he’s waiting for his hands to stop quivering…whatever his reasons are for not being there yet…he’s definitely coming

  2. I think almost any man (or woman) would treasure and hold dear someone who feels as you do. Do you enjoy feeling beautiful?

  3. I have to agree with TheOthers1 on this one. I pictured myself in it but probably not as the same person lol. This was a very good post. I have to admit though by the end of it i didn’t want it to stop. If only…

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