Ready for Goosebumps?!?

I got a text this morning from the man I wrote about in The Opening. He moved across the country five years ago and even though we still talk occasionally I haven’t seen him in seven years. He is in town. And asked me to come see him. Tonight.

No, he didn’t read the posts… He doesn’t even know I have a blog. Is this goosebumpy timing or what????

And should I go?

PS… All those years ago we never had sex. Well, intercourse. Ahhh!!!! I have to make a decision in two hours.

44 thoughts on “Ready for Goosebumps?!?

  1. Assuming he didn’t turn out to be a Grade-A asshole, then why not?? :)

    But yeah– it’s strange the coincidences life throws at you!

  2. If you feel it is a good thing to go to him then go, but if hes gonna be out of your life as quick as he entered it….. i’d be hesitant and cautious if i were you. Seriously if i were him i’d want to meet up with you to but i am not that man. Be careful good lady.

      • lol Sometimes i wish i had women knocking on my door like you do men. It gets really lonely sometimes when you haven’t had a date let alone anything else in over 8 years. :(

        • Technically he didn’t knock. He texted. But I see your point. And it’s easier for me… I have boobs. I’m not trying to make light… really. It’s just different for girls than guys sometimes. Keep your chin up dear.

          • I do try to be positive, but its hard to when you try all the time and people keep knocking you down. I do like to read your blog though, your kindness is appreciated beautiful.

  3. Oh definitely go out. Let him see what you’ve become. And, it would be nice for you to get a glimpse as well. Whether your have dessert or not, well, that’s another matter entirely. :-)

  4. Ok I’m going to tell you a story. The year was 1995. I was infatuated with girl. our moms worked together, but I never got the nerve to talk to her. One day, I find out her mom got transferred. Over time I forget all about her. The year is now 2002. I’m fresh out of college with a IT degree. In 2002, that meant I was jobless and had no money. I’m depressed. One morning, my mom asks if I still remember that girl. I hadn’t thought about her in seven years. She tells me she’s working with her now and I should go talk to her. Now I don’t even have enough money for gas. I figure “why not? What do I have to lose?” So I go meet her and we hit it off well. The year is 2006. That is the year we got married. In two months, we celebrate our six year anniversary. Just thought I’d share that. Sometimes, you get a second chance. Don’t count on a third one.

    • That is exactly what I asked myself before getting in the shower to shave before getting in my car to drive to see him before getting out of my car and having… well… you’ll have to wait for the next post or two to find out.

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