Rapidly Unraveling

Often there’s a haze, a murkiness that blocks access to my senses, the day-to-day routine driving me into a passionless rut. But there are moments—standing on a cliff leaning into the wind, coasting downhill on a bicycle, galloping a horse across the plains, flying over the water in a boat—when clarity prevails.

The wind tangles my hair while straightening out my thoughts, blowing away my mind’s cobwebs. Minor troubles drift elsewhere while I concentrate on pulling oxygen into my lungs. Mundane realities go missing as I watch hopes and dreams take flight.

I let the power of the air around me liberate my spirit. I feel myself floating, free, rapidly unraveling.

This is inspired by a prompt from Be Kind Rewrite

27 thoughts on “Rapidly Unraveling

  1. I envy you here for sure. I have never been great at simply letting a moment change the pattern of my thoughts. You have such a nice ability to move forward and live in the moment. This is a wonderful quality for survival of the heart and I do so envy it. I went into the mountains today to contemplate and heal a wound I never expected to have. I found release there and for precious moments on a sun-drenched rock I sat and was better. Then the reality of my absurd vulnerability shook me from my bliss and I drowned it in a Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream Cone. If my hair could move in the wind it would surely tangle beyond repair and while I feel thoroughly damaged I hope that the deeper parts of friendship can withstand a few tangles. I am never good when things do not go as I want them to and at the same time I rarely want them to simply GO!
    Great post as always Noodle

  2. Beautiful! I especially like the line about the wind tangling hair while unraveling thoughts.

    I don’t know how I missed you. The link looks correct, but there’s no sign of it in my comments or pingbacks. Weird. : (

    Anyway, I’m updating now. Sorry!

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