Best Cars to Have Sex In (In My Opinion)

A Ford Mustang (a classic one)
Any American muscle car would be fine place for a steamy make out session. The Camaro, GTO and Charger have all seen their share of fogged windows, but I think the romance that follows the Mustang makes it the best choice for getting past third base. Sure it will require some contortionist-type moves to get slot A to into slot B, but have some faith. Horny teenagers have been managing it for decades.

 This car epitomizes understated luxury and power—a huge turn-on for me. It looks like a regular four-door sedan on the outside, but under the hood… dayum! The current model hides 560 horses under the sleek bonnet. It’s like that guy who’s super nice out in public, but transforms into a heavenly demon in the bedroom. The supple leather on the roomy bench back seat makes for comfy coupling in a variety of positions… or so I’ve been told. And the low profile console between the front seats doesn’t get in the way of the occasional blowjob either. 

A Truck
 If you’ve never had sex in a truck you don’t know what you’re missing. Many a song has been sung about the romancing opportunities of a truck bed. And with proper preparation (pillows and blankets for the hard surface), they’re spot on. But if you didn’t take time for that, don’t worry. I had a very hot encounter in a truck that had nothing to do with the bed. The driver’s side door was open and we were standing in its shelter while he kissed me goodnight. A little turn and a hop and I was sitting on the edge of the front seat, knees bent and apart. He stepped between my legs, eased my skirt up my hips and used his mouth and tongue to kiss me into a frenzy of desire. I pushed toward him and watched as he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He moved my panties aside and thrust into me while I gripped the steering wheel and back of the seat for leverage. Like I said, very hot.

An Aston Martin DB9 Volante
 Everything is sexier in an Aston, so it stands to reason that even sex would be, well, sexier. Add, “Let’s take the Aston” to any scenario and, boom! It’s instantly hot. This particular Aston just happens to be my favorite. And while actually having sex inside it is only feasible with the top down, you can bend me over this silky hood anytime.

A Jeep Wrangler
This just might be the perfect sex chariot. It can get to secluded, out of the way places. It has a bench back seat. And it has those awesome roll bars—perfect for hanging on to or bracing against during adventurous intercourse. Plus, I’ve always thought those little half doors were adorable.

34 thoughts on “Best Cars to Have Sex In (In My Opinion)

  1. for sex, i’ll take the jeep. i like being on display. for cars, i had that same mustang but in an iced tea color. that was around ’79. sold it for $2,500 with a blown engine. ha! blown. heh heh.

  2. truck only option for me to enjoy comfortably. In all honesty I will take the W hotel above all the car stuff. Bleach smelly cum on leather and cramps in my very tight hamstrings is much closer to BDSM than I choose to volunteer for without a swing

      • now driving those cars would be a very different endeavor altogether. give me that AM and I really could care less about the date…unless it was a Noodler of course..or Hyacinth…you two could trump the car..just need the W space

          • I am certain every swingin Richard on this site has that thought or they wouldn’t even be here. I would be so lost in the absurdity of the moment and the observation that the visceral might be lost on me…at least for a bit. I am not sure I have enough pleasure receptors or enough brain stem to measure such heights of ridiculous passion. I have not tried heroin but it is on my deathbed bucket list. I would gather this to be in that category. Fun post Noodle

  3. i like your article but you’re too young to testify on the best cars to have sex in. My personal favorite was the Chrysler Imperial circa late ’50s, early ’60s.It boasted a 7-foot bench with a folddown arm rest for a front seat.

  4. Yeah, the problem with the Aston (and for that matter, the classic Mustang) is they probably come with a guy saying “Jesus, wait til I get the blankets in place, I don’t want you staining my upholstery. What? It’s expensive for chrissakes.”

    But as a truck driver, yeah, I got you.


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