Mr. Intrigue Makes Me Shut My Door

The flurry of steamy pictures and sexy texts is too much. I can’t take it any more. I’m shutting my door… now.

THIS is why I’ve never dipped into online relationships. Yes, I know you can specify location on dating sites. But I’ve never been on a dating site. We didn’t meet that way—it was an accident really—especially considering that he lives states away. And the distance is driving me mad. I want him here. Now. Or me there. Now.

I want him to bend me over my desk, hitch up my skirt, move my panties out of the way and take me from behind. I want my mouth open in silent scream as he brings me to a raging orgasm in seconds, my fluids racing down my thighs. I want to flip around, drop to my knees and shove his erection in my mouth, take it down my throat and watch his head tilt back as he grips my shoulders to keep from collapsing. I want the pleasure to be so great for him that it is borderline torture. Because that’s how I feel right now. Tortured with need.

Or at least that’s how I’ll feel for the next two minutes. And then I’ll open my door.

21 thoughts on “Mr. Intrigue Makes Me Shut My Door

  1. Oh! That was a vivid description that I was picturing quite clearly. It would be suspicious to close my door now. Lol

  2. I feel like saying something idiotic like “ain’t love grand” or “told ya so” not in mockery in any way, in empathy really, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one so shaken by words. (plus I always drink too much and am at a loss of intelligent commentary, often.)

    Trans-Atlantic Kisses,

  3. oh how I understand!! this thing w/ the Marine…he’s been on the west coast, me on the east except for our few-and-far-between trips to one another. It’s a torturous, voluntary hell at times….but the sex when we are together…. holy….shit….

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