Seven Deadly Sins (thank goodness stealing isn’t one of them)

1. LUST (excessive sexual appetites): Besides your current significant other, for whom do you lust or who have you lusted for in the past? Does your significant other know about your lustful desires?

I adore men in general, but I lust after those I connect with. Until Mr. Intrigue, I thought that connection could only be made in person with say, a glance or a touch. I’m rapidly learning about the deep connection formed via words over great distances. And yes, I think Mr. Intrigue is pretty clear that he’s the object of my lust.

2. GLUTTONY (over-indulgence): What food brings out your inner glutton?

Shrimp and gouda cheese grits—stone ground grits, never the instant kind. Oh. My. Gosh. When these are made right, I eat WAY past full. It’s like a continuous gastro orgasm of flavor, texture and something I simply can’t convey with mere words.

3. GREED (avarice): When it comes to sex, what are you greedy for? When it comes to things, what is it that you want more than your need or deserve?

As a quantity over quality girl, I’m just greedy in general when it comes to sex. There’s not a time, day or night that a stiff, hard cock inside me isn’t welcome. Regarding things, as cliche as it is… shoes. I have serious shoe habit and by serious I mean I want both quantity AND quality. However, with the going rate of Mr. Christian and Mr. Manolo’s creations, I don’t have as many as I lust after.

4. SLOTH (idleness/procrastination): Name a task or activity in which you perpetually procrastinate?

Emptying the dishwasher… specifically putting away the silverware. If someone else is around I’ll start putting up plates and hand him or her the utensil basket.

5. WRATH (anger) is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.
a. Describe a time that you were very angry?

The last time I was very angry was when someone I love dearly was falsely accused of something.

b. Have you ever been so angry that you thought about revenge? Did you seek it?

Yes, I fantasized about revenge. In this particular case still do. And yes, I will seek it. And it will be as if the gates of hell opened up and swallowed the one who wronged the one I love. This person’s name will be synonymous with this particular wrong doing in the same way Susan G. Komen’s name is synonymous with breast cancer. This person’s name will become a fucking verb for the act itself.

6. ENVY (jealousy): Who or what do you envy? Why?

I envy people who love to run. It’s SUCH good exercise, but I have zero love for it. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who floats along doing mile after breezy mile, but instead it takes all my will power get into a loping jog.

7. PRIDE (vanity) is the love of one’s own excellence, and it is considered the worst of the 7 Deadly Sins.
a. When preparing to meet a lover, what are you most vain about?

Gosh, what am I not vain about would be a better question. I’m attentive to the whole package… Big, sexy hair? Check. Fresh manicure and pedicure? Check. Smooth, shaved skin? Check. Matching panties and bra? Check. Outfit that shows off the hourglass? Check. Come hither eye makeup? Check. I think you get the picture.

b. What sexual skill are you overly proud and boastful about?

I’d have to say my oral skills. But I’m only great at it because I love it so much.

c. What part of your body are you proud of, boastful about?

My eyes. I’ve got very long lashes that set of their green color quite nicely. And I’ve been told I talk with them well. In fact, my eyes have quoted as saying, “Come fuck me. Pretty please come fuck me.”

Bonus: What sin do you think is your greatest virtue? For example, what bad thing makes you more appealing?

My lack of patience. When I want something or someone I want it or him now. Right now. Like find a corner and drop your pants right now. That tends to turn guys on… go figure.

I stole this from the brilliant Miss Gillian at Black Door Press. Click here to read her steamy answers.

17 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins (thank goodness stealing isn’t one of them)

  1. I completely agree about running – I like running in theory, but it really takes times for me to get in the groove of things. I wish it were effortless. I also agree about what you’re most vain about when meeting a lover (in my case, just going out in hopes of finding a lover, haha). I like to prep the whole package. I don’t really understand, and don’t think I could ever be, one of those girls who is comfortable in tennis shoes, a sweatshirt, and her hair thrown back when I am out on the town.

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