The Top

This bit of thought was inspired by this image by Kyzmit at My Life On Olympus. Thanks so much to Kyzmit for letting me include it. 

Aim for the top, they said. You want above the fray. You want to look down on those less than you. You want to be the boss. You want to be there. They point to the uppermost glass corner in unison. Get there and you’ll be a success.

I consider the glass prison of which they are so fond. I shuffle my feet in their battered Converse sneakers, fiddling with a tiny hole in my well-worn jeans. I watch the steady line of clones drift in and out of the revolving doors.

No thanks. I’d rather live.

I stick my hands in my pockets, turn on my heel and walk away whistling
Folsom Prison Blues

Confession… I wrote this while a tad looped out on Benadryl, so… well… I just thought you should know. 

29 thoughts on “The Top

  1. The same guy asked us to perform this twice Saturday at a Veterans Home. Thanks to your post, I now wonder if he relates to the song because he feels like he’s in prison or if it’s just that he likes Johnny Cash. I’ll have to ask him next time.

  2. I try doing things when I’ve had benadryl and it doesn’t work out for me well. You did well though.

  3. OMG I am just going to kill you, Marian! With Shakespearean love of course!

    Some days I dress myself thinking I am the Woman in Black.

    I shot a man in Reno. Naw, I lied it was Tahoe. I missed too. I don’t even want to talk about the challenge. He will die thinking my aim is better than I think it was. Let’s leave it at that.

    I am so barred from your page at work now! I love it here when I can be/come here.

    Note to Earth: There is a link here from my page because my heart beats this way.

    Something in me does.

    Pitter f’n patter. ♥

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