Wanton Me

I need a good fucking.

Damn this attachment to Mr. Intrigue that’s keeping my legs crossed. Damn the distance. Damn my lusty being!

Yes, I’m trying to keep the edge off my tending to things myself, but it’s nowhere NEAR what I want… dream about… need.

I need my mouth filled with his cock, absorbing his pulsing goodness. I need my tongue on his balls, teasing them to a tight mass of masculinity. I need his mouth on my lips, my nipples, my body, my clit. I need his hands holding me tightly against him, exploring my every curve. I need to be left with bruises on my breasts from where he gripped them as he came. I need to be handled, spanked and turned inside out. I need to be impaled with his stiff spear of passion until I collapse from dehydration. From coming. Over and over.

Shit, damn, hell. I’m a horny hot mess. And my crazy, tricky little heart won’t let me do anything about it.

Damn the wanting, wanton me.

37 thoughts on “Wanton Me

  1. wow…I feel sorry for his ass when you finally DO get your hands on him. I’m sure he’ll be a worthless *noodle* when you’re done. LOL

  2. I definatly have the same urge passion about what your wanting to do. But it usually happens when i read your blog. ;) Any man would be in heaven to be around you if you wanted to do that to him, but he can’t let you have all the fun. I ove the mouth all over part and the brusies. God you make me…. passionate sometimes. I hope you get what you desire in some way.

  3. Oh! Well, you’ve got everyone worked up. I’ve been edgy for days and of course my mind gets hung up here. The having my mouth filled line got me. Darn oral fixation. Lol.

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  5. Uuuugh. I so feel you! Feelings can definitely put a stop to plain old fun! And girl, you basically wrote everything I’m feeling right now verbatim. xx

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