An Update

Turns out that if Mr. Intrigue and I had met as planned his first experience with me would probably have been a visit to the emergency room. Yes, I’m fine now except for some surgery that will probably have to happen. No, I’m not giving any gory details. BUT let me say this… reaching the point where I was begging the nurse to get the IV in so the pain meds could invade my blood stream and fool my body into thinking all was well, but I was so strung out because of said pain I could barely recall my own name is NOT something I care to experience again. I gave up ALL dignity.

So this means you can look forward to a string of Posts By Marian On Meds. Which should be fun.

In other news, shortly after after I posted my pep talk on Thursday night, I received a string of wonderful messages from Mr. Intrigue. I’m thinking he sorta likes me. Maybe even a lot. But there’s plenty of time for all that… so for now I shall dip back into some fiction writing and if they come across as a bit trippy, well, thank the vicodin.

28 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Personally, I look forward to drug induced fiction by Marian. I have a feeling it’ll be really good (I’m not being sarcastic). I hope everything clears up quickly. Get well soon.

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  4. Well I certainly hope you feel better. I recall one unfortunate Valentine’s Day back in high school where I finally talked a girl I liked into a date. Valentine’s morning, I almost end up in the hospital with the worst sinus infection I’ve ever experienced.

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