Go West – Part Two

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In the distance heather gray clouds loomed and Jim wondered if he would have to wake the woman to ask how to put the roof up. The sun continued to beat down so he decided to wait a while longer. And then he realized they weren’t clouds at all. He was looking at the Rocky Mountains.

A soft “Wow,” escaped his lips.

“Mmmm, what?” the woman sat up and looked around.

“The mountains, ma’am. I’ve never seen them before.”

She smiled at him and Jim suddenly couldn’t decided which view was more breathtaking, the mountains ahead or the woman beside him.

“I’m Catherine. Sorry I dozed  off without properly introducing myself,” she said.

“It’s all right ma’am. But I do have a question.”

She waited for him to speak.

“Does the road just go up and over those monsters?”

“It weaves in and out of them, like a dance,” she answered with a small smile.

The late morning sun beat down causing beads of perspiration to form on his forehead. He wiped them away with his hand, which he then dried on his blue jeans.

“Things will cool down in just a little while,” she said with a nod to the mountains, “The altitude may have you wanting a jacket.”

“I just have the clothes I’m wearing, ma’am,” he said self-consciously.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said with another yawn, “We’ll find a way to keep you warm.”

Talking of jackets and keeping warm seemed ridiculous to Jim in the current heat, so he didn’t say anything. She relaxed in the passenger seat for another nap and he drove on, the song of the tires on pavement keeping him company. A quick stop a roadside diner for lunch and they were off again. Jim wasn’t sure if she was asleep or awake behind those large dark sunglasses, but the silence was a comfortable one and it let him take in the sights alone. Occasionally he would let himself glance over at Catherine and take in her still beauty. He guessed her to be about twenty-eight, maybe older, but there was no way to ask without feeling awkward. And he felt embarrassed enough about the bulge that kept growing just under his zipper every time he let his eyes linger for too long on her full mouth or plump breasts. Once, when she tossed in her sleep, the hem of her dress inched up her leg exposing at least ten inches of smooth, creamy white thigh. He had almost driven off the road and from then on tried to keep his eyes forward.

Catherine was right about the road dancing with the mountains, he thought. They wove in and out of the peaks, climbing, dipping and climbing again. A shiver ran down his spine as the low temperatures of the high altitude became a reality. The chill must have reached her too because he saw two very sharp points appear on the front of her dress where before just round bosom had been.

“Pull over when you can,” she said.

Jim hadn’t realized she was awake. A flush crept up his neck and onto his cheeks when he remembered where he had just been looking. He stopped the car and she hopped out and opened the trunk. She walked around to the driver’s side door holding two blankets.

“My turn,” she said, “I’m quite rested.”

He opened the door and slid across the bench seat to make room for her.

“It’s too beautiful of an afternoon to put the top up. Will you be all right with a blanket for a while?”

Jim nodded and accepted the heavy quilt. The weight of it felt good on his tired body. He sighed and closed his eyes.

“Jim, Jim,” a soft feminine voice whispered his name, “Wake up. You can sleep again in just a moment, but you must come inside.”

He stirred and opened his eyes. Large amber eyes framed with thick, reddish brown lashes were just inches from his. He jumped.

“Where are we? When did it get dark?” he asked, hating that he’d fallen so fast asleep, hating that he sounded like a child.

“We’re at a motel in Durango, about a third of the way there. Come on. Let’s get inside,” she urged, “I’m cold.”

He followed her the short distance to the door and watched as she slipped the key in the lock, shuffling his weight from one foot to the other. She looked back over her shoulder and motioned him into the room. He stepped inside and stopped, unable to take his eyes from the single bed.

Catherine set down her carryall on the dresser and walked to the bathroom calling over her shoulder as she went, “I’m going to freshen up. Make yourself comfortable.”

Comfortable. Yeah, right, he thought. Jim sat in the one chair the room offered, leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. He heard the water start, followed by the sound of the shower curtain opening and closing. Jim took a shaky breath and tried to shake the vision of her wet, naked body out of his brain. He’d never actually seen a naked woman before so he wasn’t even sure if what he was picturing was accurate, but it was enough. The ridge straining against his jeans hurt. If he could just get some relief before she finished, maybe he wouldn’t embarrass himself.

Jim freed his swollen member and gripped it roughly with his right hand. He leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes and thought about Catherine standing feet away under the running water. His hand moved faster and faster up and down his throbbing shaft until he felt his balls clench and then, at last, the final release. He took a deep breath, and was enjoying the afterglow when he realized the water was no longer running.

“Oh shit!” he muttered, looking down at the evidence on his white tee shirt.

He stripped off the shirt and quickly fastened his jeans. Seconds later the bathroom door opened.

“Oh shit!” Jim said for the second time in less than a minute.

She stepped out wrapped in a white towel, skin rosy from the hot water. Damp, wavy red hair almost reached her waist. Her lips parted with a sharp intake of breath when she saw his bare chest. She walked to the middle of the room and stood, holding the towel, head tilted, considering the young man before her.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” she asked softly.

“No ma’am,” Jim managed to answer.

“Would you like to be with a woman?” she asked, allowing herself a small smile.

“More than anything,” he whispered.

Click here for part three.

This bit of fiction was inspired by this photo by Mike Fiveson who has graciously allowed me to include it in the post. This is also a Post By Marian On Meds

12 thoughts on “Go West – Part Two

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  2. Ahhh, teasing me. I half expected her to walk out while he was jacking it. Something hot about that voyeuristic possibility. This build up though… I’m excited for Jim.

    • This is my first time writing from a guy’s point of view so I’m going easy on him. ; ) Maybe I could do a post asking my guy readers to email me describing what it’s like for them to come and then post their answers anonymously. You know. I think I like that idea.

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  5. Okay I lied.

    Good call on click here for part one. I should add that to my stories.

    Bwahahaha, “Wake up. You can sleep again in just a moment, but you must come inside.” I ♥ taking stuff out of context!!

    Not gonna lie. This part sounds like a girl wrote it, so…

    Guys who answered to the men post: I have to ask, in a story… does the male protagonist suddenly admit y’all masturbate like there’s no frikkin tomorrow while your girl waits in bed wondering why, or does he clam the f up like it’s some kind of unspoken Mayan calendar thing? I’ve met only two kinds of guys. The kind who don’t want to talk about masturbating and the kind who claim they are so big they’ve never had to. Is there another kind of man… um… who actually does women? Call me please. 555-2663
    Marian: Just asking on your behalf. I could start a whole blog about this one subject! … which props for touching on it! Leave it in the story! ♥

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