Men, I need your help

I’m writing my first short story from a guy’s point of view and am getting to the sexy part. But here’s the deal. I don’t know what it’s like for guys to come, to see a woman naked, to feel their cock stroked by a gentle female hand. Will you tell me? Please?

I’m not asking you to spill your secrets in the comment section below. But what about an email? And for the slightly voyeuristic of you I have even more bait. I’d LOVE to do a post of your descriptions… completely anonymous of course.

So pretty please? With the sweetest of sugar on top?

Here’s my email:

Oh, and those who do respond will get a picture as a thank you. Of me. I’ll be waiting…


21 thoughts on “Men, I need your help

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  6. A self-confident, intelligent woman who teases but pleases, who knows she’s sexy and uses every thing about herself to satisfy her man. The touch of a woman like that – now, that is perfection (she need not be naked or in direct phallic contact either, just willing to do anything her man asks.) Just by virtue of the fact that you are asking these questions at all means that you are one of these ultimate lovers.

    I believe that I am about to dream of you … Goodnight! :)

  7. Interesting question. I have never liked the idea of a woman stroking my cock. I seem to enjoy performing oral sex on the woman and becoming aroused through that process…and then moving to the love making stage…is that strange? I seem to want to feel like I am giving pleasure as opposed to just receiving it.

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