Signs You Might be a Satyr

WmCutterBlack, a truly gifted writer from A Firm Grip left this brilliant comment in response to my Signs You Might be a Nymph post.  It was too good to leave buried at the bottom of an old post so I’m blogging it as a stand alone piece. Enjoy! I certainly did!!!

For men, you might be a satyr if:

1. Women are drawn to you without exactly knowing why.

2. You keep a stash of classical porn in your desktop files, the older the better.

3. You notice when a woman notices you. And you like it.

4. You don’t talk about sex with your guy friends. Your stories only make them resent you.

5. Being able to do tricks with your tongue doesn’t mean you should do them too often in public or you’ll get mobbed.

6. When you’re intimate with someone for the first time (and second and third, etc.), she is surprised at your appetite for sex.

7. If it’s been too long since you last made a woman orgasm you can’t concentrate and often have to remedy this problem to stay productive.

8. You’re relieved when you discover others similar to you, both on- and off-line. You feel less like you could be part of a lost civilization.

9. You can be ready for sex anytime, anywhere at a moments notice 98 percent of the time.

10. You orgasm easily. And in multiple ways.

11. You talk dirty with your eyes, mouth, body language, blog postings, pretty much anything.

12. You adore sex and everything about it. Its sounds, its smells, its taste, its rhythm, its feeling, its mess.

13. Sometimes, especially after a drink, your thoughts curl and burn in your mind wanting a woman.

14. You probably have a string of women willing to pleasure you at the drop of a text or email. This is your naked secret.

15. You like—no ache—to be touched everywhere, including your mind and spirit.

16. You rarely feel understood. And on the very rare occasion it happens you gift the understander with pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

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