Go West – Part Three

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Catherine took another step forward and then turned her back to him. Ever so slowly she unwrapped the towel and let it slide down her back, hips, thighs and then fall to the floor. Jim’s eyes traveled up and down her body taking in the line of her shoulders, the curve of her waist, the roundness of her ass. It sat like an upside down heart on top of smooth, shapely columns. He sat, motionless except for the tightening of his fingers on the chair arms and the increased tempo of his pulse at the base of his throat. A roaring filled his ears and time seemed to slow down and speed up simultaneously.

He imagined himself standing up, covering the seven steps that separated them, moving her long, red hair aside, placing a hand on either shoulder and kissing the nape of her neck. As if she was reading his thoughts, she reached and pulled her hair to the front, exposing the entire breadth of her back. And then, she turned her head and looked at him.

Every fiber of Jim’s being ached to claim Catherine, but he remained rooted to the chair. She spun in one deliberate motion to face him, her eyes carefully watching his reaction. The flood of visual information overwhelmed him as he tried to take in all in at once. Breasts, belly, hips, thighs and that still secret place that remained hidden under a closely clipped triangle of dark red curls. He finally lifted his eyes to meet hers. They were warm pools of waiting passion, quietly letting him take her in. Her lips parted slightly in a small, calm smile.

“Come to me,” she whispered.

Jim stood, with the careful excitement of a new colt. One step. Two steps. They met in the middle. Now he was inches from her naked flesh. Heat radiated off his body as it strained to close the final gap. He looked down at her, marveling. She lifted her chin, inviting him to kiss her full mouth.

The instant his mouth touched hers, his body took over. Strong, tanned arms wrapped around her pale, smooth figure crushing her against him. His hands couldn’t stop exploring. They ran up and down her spine, arms, hips sending messages to his overloaded brain about the soft, silky texture of her skin while his lips drank in her mouth, jawline, neck and earlobes. When he realized her naked breasts were actually pressed up against him, a deep moan rasped from his throat. It was too much, too much to process.

Jim pulled away and reached out one hand to touch her nipple. They were both already rosy, pointed peaks, but the one he grazed became even sharper. Without thinking he bent his head and took the pink pyramid into his mouth. The feel of it on his tongue combined with her sharp gasp made him shudder.

Small nimble fingers were at his waistband, fumbling with the button and then unzipping. Before he had time to anticipate what was about to happen, her soft hand wrapped around his hard shaft and gripped it firmly. The throbbing and pulsing increased in tempo as he felt his cock stretch and grow with desire. Just as he thought he would explode her grip went from firm to feather-light, stroking up and down, caressing the swollen tip. Each stroke sent a shudder through his body and it was as if every nerve receptor was now focused on the next velvety touch.

Catherine let go of his cock, took his hand and led him to the bed. She sat on the very edge of it, knees apart, inner thighs brushing the outer edges of his hips.

“I’m going to take your virginity,” she said, more to herself than to him while staring down at his large, restless member that twitched with desire.

“May I look at you first?”

She nodded and let him ease her back on the bed. Jim took one finger and ran it the length of her slit, then again delving between her moist petals. Carefully he spread her, examining the folds and crevices. A switch flipped in his brain triggering one overpowering thought: mouth goes there.

Click here for Part Four.

This bit of fiction was inspired by this photo by Mike Fiveson who has graciously allowed me to include it in the post. This is also a Post By Marian On Meds. It was supposed to wrap up in three parts, but I’m obviously not done yet. 

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