If I go to hell, it will be for flirting. With married men. I see you. I see you look at me, want me. And I smile and make eye contact and watch you fumble… trying to be good. But it’s all right. I understand. So watch me dance. Imagine your hands on my body. Lust after me. Really, it’s fine. As long as you do this one thing. Go home. Go home and fuck your wife like a rock star. And if you have to think about me while you’re getting your cock rock hard, that’s all right too.

Sweet dreams.


23 thoughts on “If

    • This wasn’t so much about the tease… It was more about those fun moments when they realize that I know what they’re thinking. I accept it. And shoot back a look that let’s them know that I know that looks across a room is where it begins and ends. The simplicity of sharing a secret smile. And that being enough.

  1. I love this post, it has been stuck in my head for days. I wonder how many out there are like you, I hope there are more than I know. I hope at least one wife out there was fucked like she had not been fucked for a long time and has you to thank for it !

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