The MEN on Seeing a Naked Woman

Please. Let me get this out. I adore men. You all are so wonderful in so many ways. But now… wow… I fucking LOVE you. Here’s why. A few days ago, I reached out to my male readers in this post so I could attempt a realistic account of Jim’s “first time”, a bit of fiction that starts here.

Wow. I couldn’t wait to finish the fiction so I could share some of the amazing responses. One incredible man wrote an ENTIRE story to help me get my head around what it’s like for men to see and be with a woman. AND… I get to post it! Another sent a poem that just melted me and I was so happy for every woman who has ever been in his presence. But enough foreplay. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Laced together in no particular order are what some VERY sexy men had to say on what it feels like to see a woman naked:

To see a woman’s body, truly, is a thing of beauty. For me, that fact that she is with me, with her clothes off, says “Here I am. I am willing to show myself to you. That is how much I want you.” That’s a powerful message for me.


To see a woman naked for the first time (or any time thereafter) – Your eyes take her all in at once because she’s naked and usually in movement.  Maybe some guys focus on their favorite part, breasts, ass, legs, but for me it’s the whole deal.  She’s like a dancer whether she’s just pulling off her clothes or putting a knee on the bed to climb beside you or slowing gracefully melting down on her knees.


However unsophisticated it might sound, nothing gets me hotter than the sight of a naked woman, not a picture or video but the real thing, the way she moves, the way she breaths and the naughty looks and smiles she gives me.


To me, it’s like seeing a beautiful sunset for the first time, second time, third time…it never gets old. A woman’s naked body is to be admired first, lusted after second and pleased thirdly. Firstly though is the admiration, again like a beautiful sunset. I can look on a naked female body without wanting to jump on it— the curves, swells, risings, fallings, soft flesh that is more than just flesh—but only for a short while. The initial view is breathtaking and surreal. To know that it is probably untouchable, yet still visible takes one’s mind to places it can only imagine, unless invited.


How it feels to see a woman naked? This is probably the hardest of the three to write about. Women are just yummy, all the time, every time. There’s a quote that goes “It’s like Christmas morning”. When I say that, I mean that it’s always good, and always fun to witness. Do you remember as a kid you were always excited to see presents, even if you knew what they were? That’s what it’s like. When you first see a woman naked you wanted to drink her in, you want that memory to last. If it’s your 100th time seeing her, you want to memorize every inch of her body. I love the curves and the way you all move. There’s something primal about seeing a woman naked that just gives me a stir, even if I know nothing will come of it. It’s sensual and arousing all at once.

Coming soon… one man’s account of a seeing a naked woman piece by piece that was too long to post here and too great to trim down, the men on getting their cock touched by a gentle female hand, the men on cumming (yes I used that spelling of it, just for you men) and Mr. Incredible’s story.


21 thoughts on “The MEN on Seeing a Naked Woman

  1. I was about to turn in for the night and thought let me check my emails…can I say enjoyed reading this :)… Sweet dreams tonight lol. Thanks to the men for such sensual responses, thanks sweetie for sharing. Going to bed now ( wink, wink). Nighty night

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  3. Well I’m glad that you adore men, because I adore women, and not just for a “Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am!” encounter. I also worship the body of a beautiful and sexy woman, and if I wasn’t pressed for time right now, I’d contribute an example of my own writing that I think would compare favorably with the mens’ writing included in this post. But I’ll be back later to make my contribution.

  4. Let me tell you something about seeing a woman naked for the first time. There is a trust, because none of us want to be revealed entirely, and the physical is such a big cultural prologue to the part that really matters. It is really a test wave, is this guy going to hurt me? And we as men should drink it in with the honesty and love with which it is offered, even when it is offered off the cuff and casually and in a way that doesn’t seem to matter, because it does matter. Those breasts, that neat pubic hair, the recent neglect of other shaving that tells you she couldn’t resist bearing herself to you… the pressing to your body that supple, wet form… what better gift exists to our sex than this trust, this gentleness, this willingness? I will personally stab in the neck any man who treats this with frivolity.

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