Drinking Her In

This man only answered one of the questions. But he did it so well, so thoroughly, I wanted to include in a post all its own. He describes drinking a woman in visually with such appreciation and tenderness I just want to get naked!


To see a woman naked, that’s easy. Hips. Eyes. Face. Hair. Thighs. Neck. It becomes a rapid-fire scan of the places our brain subconsciously knows exactly what it’s looking for—curve of the hips for child-rearing—like gentle parenthesis, but not too gentle. Then the waistline—the area about where the top of a properly fitted pencil skirt would start. Ah… and that very sensitive area, that with just the right pressure… Mmmmm.

The eyes… they tell a lot. Permission. Denial. Anxiety. Confidence. Playful challenge. Passion. The eyes are the gatekeeper to all of this… and mine… are… doing… the… same… thing… on the other end….

The face… my default scenario is a Sunday afternoon, in a bedroom with windows open and curtains wandering on the shifting breeze scented with freshly cut grass. Oh face, face, face… symmetry… expression. The eyebrows tell more than they are ever given credit for. Furrowed in concentration or puzzlement. Raised in question. Arched in thought. Lips assist with this. A neutral expression has been more intriguing than anything mostly for the challenge of provoking a smile or a bite of the lip.

The Hair… To long for the feel of it brushing against skin—the artist’s brush of tenderness and passion. The scent. The way it moves… obscures… reveals… especially the ears. Exposed ears are difficult to resist.

Thighs… Ah… to touch… to squeeze. The more rudimentary parts of the brain rationalize mobility, strength and agility. The more aesthetic regions note grace, the delicate curves and structure.

To see a woman, in this situation—exposed and open—is to witness the beauty of form and function, to appreciate the hard-wired needs alongside the sensual wants. 

17 thoughts on “Drinking Her In

  1. I want whoever this is to whisper how much he loves my body. I can feel his appreciation. Kind of intoxicating really.

  2. Mmmm I can feel his appreciation for the luscious female form. A naked body, whether male or female is a true sight to behold. One to be explored with great care if all of it’s secrets are to be unlocked.

  3. i agree. i can see a naked woman and have a naked woman almost any day i want. but that doesn’t mean they have what i want. naked is not the goal. being wanted? yeah. that’s different. has nothing to do with naked.

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