Separation and Distance

Separation and distance are opposite sides of the same cruel coin that often undermines relationships. They claw away at the foundation, leaving matchsticks where pillars once stood. The one left behind sometimes invents ways to love the one who is gone less… just so it doesn’t hurt so bad. Because if you can numb the ache. Dull the pain. Simply not feel… you don’t feel so worthless, so unwanted, so second-place.

Copyright Photo G Jenn

This photo, shot and originally posted here by the talented Photo G Jenn, inspired the mood for this little post. Thank you Jenn for allowing me to share it! 

18 thoughts on “Separation and Distance

  1. Beautiful photo and words! It’s so true, and the “separation and distance” can be literally physical and/or emotional. A person can be right next to you physically, but if you know there’s a big emotional gap between the two of you anyways, it’s just as bad.

  2. Distance has no meaning to what you hold deep inside. Separation has no power when Time is endless. There is no second place when All is One. And who judges worthiness when we are all treasures?

  3. I dunno… this goes back to my lifelong dilemma about how much of yourself to give to someone. If separation and distance are hurting as much as you describe, maybe you’re too dependent on the presence of others for your happiness. Given too much out.

    (The rhetorical “you”, not You, Noodle.)

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