You Come Like a Man

“Good, god!” he gasped, “You come like a man!”

My grip on the antique iron headboard loosened and my arms, which had been braced for leverage, relaxed slightly. I looked down at him, lying on the bed, his hands on my hips keeping pace with my gentle rocking rhythm.

“You aren’t done are you?” I asked.

“No, but I don’t think it would matter if I was.”

“Hell yes it would matter,” I panted, “and I’d be royally ticked off!”

“You’re going to come again aren’t you?”

“If you’ll shut up and suck my nipples, I’ll come several more times,” I said as I leaned forward, putting them in close range of his mouth.

He obliged.

The fire within began to build, even more rapidly this time. I pulled away, leaning back so his swollen shaft massaged that magic place deep inside. With one hand clinging to the cold metal of the bed and the other rapidly massaging my exposed pearl, I rode him. There was no in and out motion, just deep, hard rocking that shoved his hardness against me again and again. I felt it kindle in the depths of my belly, that flaming tongue of passion. It rose higher and higher until finally, I was consumed.  My deep, guttural scream filled the room as my back arched even further and I clenched my muscles tightly around his spear, almost pushing him out. And then, with a final gasp, I released and came against him, a mass of throbbing sensuality.

My surroundings slowly came into focus again when I heard him speak my name. He was pulling me to his chest, wanting my body against his. I let him wrap his arms around me and run rough fingers up and down the soft, smooth skin of my back. But not for long. I needed more.

This time he cupped a breast in each hand and I leaned into him, letting him support most of my weight. The rest I split between the headboard and my knees, which gave my hips full range of motion. Again I rode him, but this time less selfishly, bringing him with me on the journey. We climbed the mountain together, pacing ourselves, going ever higher.

I reached back with one hand and felt his balls, covered with my dripping juices, clenched snugly against him. He moaned at my touch so I continued stroking them while my hips circled above. The borderline pain inflicted on my sensitive breasts as he gripped them tighter and tighter brought me to very brink.

“Come!” I yelled, “Come with me, Come with me now!

His body shuddered and my hand, which was still fondling his balls, felt them press tightly against his body and then pump the thick, white liquid through his rod. Right before he ejected passion’s fluid, my body responded with a liquid rush of its own, raining down proof of my orgasm as I leaned into his hands with all my might.

I rolled off and lay sprawled on the bed, letting the ceiling fan dry my glistening body.

“Do you mind if we skip the cuddling part?” I asked.

He reached over and slipped a finger between my thighs, sliding it between my moist folds, briefly exploring my spent channel.

“Just checking,” he said with a chuckle.

39 thoughts on “You Come Like a Man

  1. we don’t half say some stupid things when there’s a beautiful woman on top of us….i was underneath one once, and in my state of recovery i noticed how the way her curtains hung made it look like a couple of elephant’s feet were poking out the bottom; so naturally i said, ‘did you know you’ve got an elephant on your windowsill?’……..i feel i must stress that this was post coitus……not during

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