Where Is Everyone?

This is completely random, but where is everyone? My post feed is strangely quiet. I had a lovely dream about several of you last night that I’ll put up in a bit… but I feel like I’m the only person on WordPress right now. I know… You all have fabulous lives and adventures that you’re out living. That’s wonderful. Just check your email on your phone and tell me what wonderful happenings are happening.


In other news someone landed on my blog today by googling “naked women that used to be men”… who knew I was so cutting edge! : )

55 thoughts on “Where Is Everyone?

  1. I’m not feeling overly creative today (to which you should be grateful else your feed would be overflowing with my ramblings). My guess is people are recovering from the holiday.

  2. My favorite search that found us was “belly button squirm”. OMFG would I love to make Leigh do just that, but its likelier monkeys will fly before that hard limit comes down *pout*

  3. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s the month of May. Which for me means writing a letter to the parole board ( not for myself ) and visiting the grave sites… So I’m really busy

  4. I’ve felt the same way!! I keep checking my feed, too! We must all be on the same cycle lol I blew my wad last week by posting 100x. Got the kiddo this week, so I’m chillin’. Love you! xx Hy

  5. Still here… My thoughts are echoes of the previous posts… Holiday, kids out of school, you name it… “Lifetime Piling Up”
    Still waiting to see if there are any pirates on the ship…

  6. I’ve been feeling like that too My Noodle. I’m here but I’m leaving on a little vacation Thursday…it’ll be tough to have my blogtime. My brain may explode!

    Big Bisous,

  7. I was gone for a couple days but back – I have a story I don’t want to get into and end so I’m ignoring it and I think its blocking evrything else until I finish it. I think I have to get away until I want to write. I was feeling the exact same way last week, and just thought I was being clingy ..which I am not – ever! I must like you all SOOOOOOOOOOOO much … you’re all TOO MUCH FUN.

  8. obviously, with all the comments you have here now, your post was specifically referring to me. i do apologize and recognize how dull your day must have been without me pouncing on your blog and commenting as well as commenting on others that you follow, thus allowing you the privilege of seeing my comments upon comments and more and more. unfortunately, i got into some rather heated e-mail sessions lately, and my … um … hands have been busy. you might notice that several of my posts lately have been re-posts. yeah, i may have injured my hand with too much “attention.” so i’ll work on that. again, my sincerest apologies.

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