That Time of Day

It’s that time of day. Yes. That time. The strange late afternoon lusty time. The time when my breasts develop a mind of their own and start to think about being nuzzled, suckled, caressed, nibbled and licked. But not just licked. They want a warm masculine mouth to tease them into sharp points and then suck the nipples—hard—before rapidly flicking a talented tongue across their tips. They want strong hands cupping their creamy flesh, enjoying their weight. They want hungry eyes raking across them, committing the vision to memory. They seem to want quite a lot, my breasts… especially at this time of day.

30 thoughts on “That Time of Day

  1. I’m familiar with that time a day apparently. Hopefully your beau comes available during that time of day soon.

  2. That is a lustful kind of debauchery in the noon. I love this time.
    I also loved the way you expressed your cones.

  3. I get crazy horny the first week after my period, like ridiculous, so I can relate in a way. Oh, and the boobs yearn for a good fondle just about every time I remove that torture device known as a bra haha.

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