Want and Need

I don’t separate them very well, want and need.

Wanting breeds desire which morphs into longing which builds to need.
I want to touch you.
I desire your hands on my body.
I long to kiss you.
I need you. In me.

But do I really? Physical needs are cataloged as water, food, clothing, shelter. But what about human touch? Passion? There’s a reason we cling to each other in times of trouble, a reason for the spike in births nine months after major disasters.

Our bodies demand stroking, hugging, cuddling.
They scream for intimacy.
And if that isn’t a need, then I don’t know what is.

Will I survive without the caress I crave?
For a while.
I’ll survive without food too.
For a while.
But then the emptiness will become too great.
And I will eat. Almost anything.
Just to fill the void.

23 thoughts on “Want and Need

  1. I bet you this need is where the tale of Werewolves comes from! I made a comment to Kyle about sex being so intense that spontaneous combustion would happen to me. Spontaneous Combustion must be a few levels above Werewolf Need. Maybe a chart is needed here.. haha

  2. Brilliantly expressed and deeply felt. The Desire in us(humans) is never defined in any certain way than to know it yourself. Some long for that touch while some long for that kiss which entangled tongues can last for hours while hugs become the part of the conglomeration.

    All that is there to ME & YOU is a DESIRE to touch, to feel and to live it. Dont ever let it go :) as it really goes fast once you sink into the routines.

  3. As many would like to argue, I will propose that touch is a human “need,” that without it, we will not succeed… Casestudies tell us such (but I won’t get into the science of it right here), so, my dear Marian, you are so right… And worded it so beautifully!

  4. I reference these two emotions often when commenting. One is a necessity, one is a desire. Often the two are used haphazardly and not in their correct context.

    I liked the metamorphosis idea of Want to Desire to Longing to Need.

  5. You must take care, however, that what you eat doesn’t poison you. Or, in this case, your soul. While our needs may sometimes be primal, what makes us human is our ability to recognize the difference.

  6. “… yes for a while.” I like that, how true. touch and love are a definite need…
    Interesting how you sneak in the part about major disasters. Good information there. Well done.

  7. I love the way you have structured this post. And your description of the path from want to need is exquisitely done. There is no better feeling than reveling in the satisfaction after that need, that craving has been satisfied. Knowing what it was like, now sated. And then … it starts


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