Clearance-sale Affection

I might ask. Once. At the most twice. But I refuse to beg or demand. Either you give me your attention because showering me with thoughtfulness brings you pleasure, or it doesn’t. So you don’t. I will not clamor and wave my hands to be seen. You’ll not catch me creating an uproar for a word from you. I choose to not cheapen myself that way. Why? Because affection that has to be wrestled from the giver is clearance-sale affection—devalued, cold and stale. And in many ways that makes it worse than nothing at all.

37 thoughts on “Clearance-sale Affection

  1. Empowering. Bartering for love and affection usually leads to being ripped off. What they have to offer isn’t worth the price you’ll pay. Well said. Thank you.

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