just love me fully for just that little lifetime

The man might disregard capitalization… but he can damn sure write a
quiver-inducing post.


all i want is all of you; give it to me for a year, a month, a day, an hour, it doesn’t matter; i’ll remember it for all times and i will have you, you’ll be mine, you can do with me and mine what you wish; rip it from me, take it wherever you go, hold it while others venture inside you, drop it as they cover you, just keep it close and bring it whence you find me; take me for granted, despise me, tolerate me, miss me, love me, want me, need me, regret me, just give me all of you, blanket me, smother me in your vicious viscous oil, cleanse me in your pearl waters; let me taste your wants, tell me all the things, coax and crowbar all that i can’t help you with; teach me and learn of me, wrap your flesh a thousand times about my being…

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