The Harvest

“You must hurry or we won’t make it to the shelter before harvest time,” she panted, half dragging her younger brother through the ripe wheat stalks.

No one looked forward to sunsets anymore. They were a time of terror, of hiding, of waiting for the danger to pass, because they came at sunset—the harvesters. Behind the fleeing ones a growling, metallic whirl and bright lights warned of the impending destruction so they raced at breakneck speed for the shelter, which was finally in sight. Long ears tucked against soft fur as sister and brother dove into the burrow with the other cotton-tailed leporids that huddled—quivering—as the harvester roared overhead.

This little bit of writing was inspired by the Five Sentence Fiction prompt at
Lillie McFerrin’s blog

46 thoughts on “The Harvest

  1. Really, really neat! You totally had me on the wrong path, I was thinking of some kind of Stephen-KIng-Science-Fiction-slash-Horro-like scenario… Very nicely done!

  2. I was on the whole Stephen King inspired tale as well…though towards the end it became like the Secrets of Nimh. Great story!

  3. This is funny. Every time I am weeding or picking vegetables or tilling the soil, my imagination goes wild with the pleas of those affected, “Nooooooooo, it’s the Destroyer! Here comes the Destroyer Run awayyyyy, flee flee, fly fly!!!!” And I feel bad, but I have to eat. And whether they know it or not, I am creating a beneficial habitat for animals and insects and worms and all that. But that’s what we humans do, manipulate a bit here and there, just trying to make things better if we can. Well, some of us anyway. Plenty that just destroy everything in sight to no one’s benefit but their own as well. Your little short is going to inspire a comment longer than your story if I don’t stop now. I like it!

  4. that’s why rabbits are always at it; all those near-death experiences make them horny as hell…….i’m still writing the first sentence in my five-sentence-fiction attempt…

  5. I want the “leporids” to win, and to have everything the “harvesters” need but cannot have. Then, I want the “leporids” to be gracious, if not totally forgiving, in offering sustenance to these predators, versus letting them sow the devastation they deserved.

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