I just realized 200 hundred of you are now following my little corner (is it significant enough to call it a corner? perhaps sidewalk crack describes it better) of the blogging world. Thank you! What began as an attempt to heal my shattered self has not only been instrumental in my healing, but has connected me with oh so many wonderful people. So now I put the question to you: How shall I thank you? I will be checking the comments for ideas.

57 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Not a corner, never a crack. How about elegantly appointed nook? A nook, my faithful dictionary tells me, is “a secluded or sheltered place; retreat”.
    I enjoy visiting your nook. Full of calm and interesting insights into life; your’s and others’.

  2. Humble shmumble. Humility is futility! Gobble up followers! Crush your fellow bloggers! Be a mighty warrior princess of Blogdom! Gather an army and march forth from WordPress and….. I don’t know. Go to war with Blogspot? Humility is a virtue, isn’t it? ;p

      • Maid Marian, maid Marian, I Justin Hood do declare, my arrow’s shaft is headed directly for your pink bullseye, to penetrate so deeply the center of your target!
        Holy crap that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve come up with in some time. Worth a smile though, right? Anybody send Robin Hood jokes your way before? Or am I the only one cheesy enough to do so?

          • That’s good because I nearly regretted it immediately…. You could write a sexy Robin Hood story about all the things you would do to him. And fill it with shafts and arrows galore. Could be a fun creative prompt. An old-timey tale of sex in Sherwood forest…

              • Indoor plumbing adds to romance? You need to spend some time out in nature. It’s a great place to take a crap, and it is also a fine and wonderful place for all things sexy-like. Gnats and mosquitos can be an annoyance though. And ants. Most any creepy-crawlie, really. But they tend to go unnoticed when the fun is being had.

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