Morning Sex

You wake ready. I’m always ready. The only question: Who will wake up first?

Am I going to be roused from slumber by your hot wet mouth on my relaxed nipples? Or will the sweet feel of your fingers dipping between my moist lower lips draw me from my dreams? If you gently prod me on the ass with your sunrise salute, I’ll shift and arch turning our spooning into melding. Let me feel your slowly working your way between my legs, sliding into the slick slot custom-sized for you. Our coupling is unhurried, comfortable with no rush. Just the easy back and forth motion that slowly builds, bringing us both to deep, satisfying orgasms within seconds of each other.

But what if that sliver of sun that sneaks through the curtains lands on my face before yours and I’m the first to greet the day? Shall I gently stroke your unconscious arousal with the tips of my fingers, coaxing you from sleep? Or should I worm my way down the bed and snack on your morning wood until I feel you stir? What if I skip straight to the main course by stealthily crouching on all fours and hovering above you, my breasts barely brushing your chest, before I encase your swollen cock in my soaked channel? Would you like waking to me impaled on you, rocking back and forth on your spear while flicking my nipples, massaging my clit and softly moaning? Yes?

Maybe we should try it sometime.

42 thoughts on “Morning Sex

  1. Im sitting in a barbershop. Bored, so I turn to my reader, and this is what I get. I am the only woman in here and I can tell they are wondering what brought on this grin on my face. Thanks! Your torture knows no bounds.

      • I’d meant to follow you a long time ago but just became aware of my failure to do so with your recent interest in one of my pieces. I’m proud to be the 200th though!

        I also like to pass the time away day dreaming and this piece put some very nice imagery into my mind.

  2. Trepidations and Temptations .. if all that … that I can live then we shall make it .. the chase to waking up first .. whether the light reaches us curtains or not the touches shall ..

    Cheers to the morning sex & the creative monster of vivid wild and sensual princess.

      • Theres never an end to learning, is it ? ;)
        We always explore ourselves in new dimensions all our life long … slow but constant process of our growing..

        Ah, I m going to meet this monster and turn her into the princess .. till she moans wow !! :)

  3. Middle of the night sex. Better because it ends with slipping back into sleep and waking up wondering if it was just a dream.

  4. I woke to the sound of rain today
    Gently sprinking down from the sky
    And the sound of the creek running
    And birds heralding Sunday’s arrival
    I woke clutching a pillow
    In the place where you slept
    Against me
    Wrapped in my arms
    I closed my eyes and visited that place
    The one we call Bliss
    And my nose filled with the scent of you
    And I thought I heard you sigh
    Good morning, my angel
    Good morning to you
    I didn’t want to move
    To risk losing the memory
    Now filling my head
    You nestling against me again
    And sighing
    Partially awake
    Too comfy and peaceful to move
    Even as I grew against you
    And slipped into your sweetness
    Like I belonged
    And in the quietness
    You felt my heartbeat deep within
    And you welcomed it
    And hugged it tight
    And pulled from me all that I am
    My gift to you
    Your gift to me
    Our gift to us
    Good morning, my angel
    Good morning to you

  5. ” … Would you like waking to me impaled on you, rocking back and forth on your spear while flicking my nipples, massaging my clit and softly moaning?… ”

    Just on the off chance you are seeking volunteers, I ‘d like to put my name forward.


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