The Landmark – Friday Fictioneers

The oilman’s ice-blue gaze zigzagged with military precision over the sundrenched landscape, searching for the landmark.

“It’s there,” he pointed with his one remaining finger, “at the horizon.”

The contractor aimed his truck towards the sienna spec and in minutes they arrived at the squatty adobe structure.

“Two clicks straight north of here. That’s where we drill.”

With no wells around for hundreds of miles the contractor wondered at the oilman’s confidence but hired roughnecks and ordered rigging for the test drill anyway. Weeks later as giant drops of black gold rained down, he wondered how much oil nine fingers bought.

This story comes in at exactly 101 words (over by one!) and was inspired by Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers prompt.  

38 thoughts on “The Landmark – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Great story. Makes me glad I’m not in that line of business. But I guess many of us give up other, less visible things, all the time in pursuit of glamour, money or fame.

  2. Ooh, very different version of the prompt, and a vivid picture of a character who’s survived a lot. I really like that last phrase – “he wondered how much oil nine fingers bought”.

    Thanks for commenting on mine!

  3. Such great characters and descriptions in such a short piece. I’m fascinated by your character’s back story, there’s so many different ways he could have lost those nine fingers. Fantastic job!

  4. You gave life to your oilman and contractor; in brevity, they revealed more. I so much love that. They both knew their business, and you closed it with your noble roughnecks.

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