I’m Drinking Jack Daniel’s

Please understand. I’m not blaming Old No. 7. But the multiple sips I’ve had have loosened my fingers enough to let you know that Miss Green needs a good fucking. Sigh. Yes, I could go get it. But I’m waiting. For what you ask?

I’m waiting for you.

I’m waiting for you to:
Bend me. Twist me. Spank me. Fill me. Screw me. Slap me. Fuck me. Claim me. Mark me. Own me.

Make me yours.

I’m begging you to handle me. Show me who’s the boss. Prove to me you’re smarter, stronger, braver, sharper, faster. I WANT to be less than you. Are you there? Can you hear me?

Yes. Yes, I will push back. I will make you earn it. I will battle with your brain, your body and your soul. I will nip, tug and scream before you earn my submission. But when you do. God, when you do. You will feel like a king. And you will have earned it.

Three cheers for Jack Daniel’s anyone?


47 thoughts on “I’m Drinking Jack Daniel’s

  1. Sounds like Jack charms you like Don Julio charms me! …Whats that old George Thurogood(spelling?) song…?? I’ll cheer you on with a glass of wine “Miss Rarin’ to Go” Hey Miss Rearin’ is kinda like Marion if you’ve had enough to drink… you hear it real easily : )

  2. short sentences, spitted out or gasped, whispered or grunted. a preyer in the dark more than a submissive deer ;) good one. vibrant as a growl.

  3. I’ve never met you, don’t even know if that’s your real name, or even your picture…
    I read these words sipping Johnny Blue on the rocks. Thinking I’m in love…

    Well not really but maybe. It’s possible a woman drinking my favorite everyday whiskey if she says she mixes it with Coke it’s all over with…

  4. Hip hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!, Hip ,hip, hooray! Here’s to drunk blogging/texting/dialing, it lets what’s inside out. Something about whiskey can do this to me. You wrote a pretty concise definition of what/who you want. You want it bad but you won’t have to settle and not just anyone can come claim you.

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