We Are Fire

Dance in the fire with me. As long as you don’t let go you’re safe from the singeing heat. We weave in and out of the blue, orange and red. Hearts pounding.

Lips and tongue meet, teasing the licking flames higher. You grip my hair as I press my body against yours pushing, pulsing, dancing.
Kiss me. Show me your magic and I’ll show you mine. Climb with me higher and higher.

What once seemed impossible is now happening. The heat surrounds, consuming, devouring. I burn. I burn for you.

We dance in the glow. We are beautiful. Our shapes collide melting into each other. The shadow on the wall shows one writhing being.
Joined together in the dance as old as time we unite with a common goal. We climb higher and higher.

You reach the pinnacle screaming my name carrying me along with you to the peak of the flaming pyre. We are fire.

14 thoughts on “We Are Fire

  1. My Favorite Noodle, let me be the first to say, “That was incredible!” Hoping it was as good for you writing it as it was for me reading it! Lovely and accurate. (sometimes. we are not so lucky to dance so beautifully every time. Hèlas…)


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