Sad Country Songs

It’s 1:44 in the morning. And I’m content… happy even. So why am I trolling through YouTube listening to sad country songs? (and some of these are old school… like late 80s early 90s!) Honestly I have no idea. Maybe it’s the nostalgia… Maybe it’s that minor key sound… But I’m in a sharing mood. So here ya go. Marian’s Middle of the Night Playlist.

You LieReba McEntire

CryFaith Hill

Where I Used To Have A HeartMartina McBride

Indian SummerBrooks and Dunn

Like We Never Loved at AllFaith Hill and Tim McGraw

Whiskey LullabyBrad Paisley and Allison Krauss

22 thoughts on “Sad Country Songs

  1. This is a very interesting post for me.
    Music often serves as a landmark for man good memories.

    Most recently Hate Myself In The Morning by Lea Anne Womack.. It was playing softly in the back ground as My Angel cuddled on the couch in her apartment.. Something I never get to do often enough..

  2. Awesome collection and I have listened to them all. Have my own medley and groups that fit the mood. At least we have the music…. Missed seeing you active… Thanks for posting.

  3. Whiskey Lullaby is one of my favorites! I have others, country is not my favorite genres but there are some great ones that come out of it now and then aren’t there.

    We could all name some.

  4. Oh what an amazing . . . and pleasant surprise Marian. Country is, by and large, looked down upon here in the UK (at least amongst my friends, and certainly by my children!!) But for me to have found your previous post (can I mention it here?) so wonderful, and then to now find this one, has just been even more invigorating (obviously for totally different reasons! LOL!!)
    I just love Faith, Alison, Martina, Shelby, Mary CC, KD, Wynonna, Trisha . . . et al . . .
    Simply wonderful to have discovered you . . . your blog has made me smile, giggle and swoon twice in one week.
    I will be back !!!!
    With best wishes – Modesty

  5. did you ever find an answer as to why you were trolling through youtube listening to sad country songs at 1.44 in the morning? content….happy even is good though :-)

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