Tan Lines and Summer Beer

I’m sprawled across my bed after a heavenly day on the lake soaking up the sun. Naked. And I’m taking pictures of my tan lines to send to a lucky fellow. Yes. Miss Green is being risqué.

But what I really want to tell you about is Summer Beer. Oh. My. Gosh. DELISH!!!! And so damn easy! Here’s what you do…

In a large pitcher combine: four beers, one can of frozen limeade concentrate and then fill the empty limeade can with vodka and add that too. Shake the pitcher. Serve. Preferably on a lake with good friends.

Now… how to get a good angle on this tan line? ;-)

23 thoughts on “Tan Lines and Summer Beer

  1. who is this lucky tike to whom you’re sending these risque tan lines? hmm what’s this in my inbox…….oh…my…gosh….just look at this life insurance deal; i’d be a fool not to

  2. Feel free to post your pics. Also, not being a fan of vodka due to early bad experiences, try the Linenkugel Summer Shandy.

  3. Shall we offer another angle to taking pictures, how about another photographer to ease off this job and keep you doing what you do the best :)

    Brilliance, once again. My take on beer is going to land in your box soon.

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