The saline spray splashed over the pontoon as we crested the last breaking wave and the calm, turquoise waters spread before us, a shimmering blanket of possibilities.

Let’s sail away on a catamaran.
Leave behind the burning sand.

We’ll live on champagne
and what comes from the sea,
content and happy to simply be.

You took my dream and made it real.
We’re claiming our freedom.
It’s time to feel.

So now on a woven deck we ride,
laughing and clapping at the changing tide.
Take me darling! NOW I cry!
Own me, claim me, before I die.

Draw the sail in.
Tie it up tight.
Then bend me
and fuck me
with all your might.

Fingers entwine in the deck and the lines
while the wind overhead whistles and whines.
We fly the hull of passion’s race
catching the wind that has no face.

Is this drench that covers, you or me?
Again, again, again is my plea.
For tomorrow will come
and dawn will break
bringing an end to our wake.

But for now we float hand in hand.
And I don’t care
if we never find land.

21 thoughts on “Catamaran

  1. Carpe diem. :)

    I would love to sail with you. For I have so much to talk and share. haha. :)

    In this ocean of love, waves are silently watching your words. Beautifully written, Marian. :)

  2. Brillaintly written, aspiring us to take with you next time.
    Sunny side of life is simply soaked in happiness :) while the waves knock your vessel.

    Sending you sunny sun for sunday.

  3. I have to ask about this one line, but only because it was my coitus interruptus in another wonderful piece!

    “fuck me with all your might.”

    I really hate to bring size into this, but if you’re too big and you do this… I’m going to the hospital. Not. Fun. Too small, and well, let’s be nice and call it humorous.

    I won’t lie. I wanna be fucked with all your something, repeatedly, but I don’t think might is it. I know, sorry… I know you’re not the first to write this, I’m struggling to learn writing here too, and you know how much I love you, Marian! ♥

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