The Office Games Round IX: Crossing Professional Boundaries

The day after our lunch I was typing away at my desk when the screen of my phone lit up. Jack was calling.

“Good morning,” I answered, my voice still pre-ten o’clock raspy.

“I have a solution,” he announced.

“Oh yeah?” I assumed he was referring to a work issue we’ve been trying to resolve.

“Yup. I figured it out last night. Two words: air mattress.”


Now please understand, I love mornings. The promise of a new day has always topped off my glass half-full optimism. I wake up happy, smiling, affectionate… but my brain doesn’t start firing at optimum speeds until after my second cup of coffee, which is usually around 9:45. Jack rang me at 8:12.

“An air mattress! It’s genius! I have it all planned out.”

“I’m lost. How is an air mattress going to fix [work issue]?”

“Not the work problem Marian!” He was beginning to sound frustrated. “The truck bed problem!”

“Ooooohhhhhh… THAT problem.” I’m sure he could hear my smile through the phone.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “I was lying in bed last night thinking about it.”

Ok. Pre second cup of coffee or not, I completely understood that Jack had just admitted to fantasizing about having sex with me. Out loud. He had said the words. This was my opportunity to put on the brakes. I could reign in the banter and ease us back into professional co-worker land. But the suggestiveness of his confession sparked my lust. As my nipples hardened and my body quivered, I spurred him on.

“Do tell,” I purred.

He took a deep breath.

“We’ll drive out of the city, my hand on your thigh, until we find a secluded back road. Then I’ll toss the air mattress in the back of the truck and let it self-inflate. While that’s going on, I’ll press you up against the side of the truck, kiss you, reach up your skirt, push your panties aside and slip a finger inside of you. “

My heart was racing. I managed to choke out an, “Uh huh…”

“And then… Hell,” his voice lowered and intensified, “You’re gonna ride me. I want you rocking back and forth on my cock while I play with your amazing breasts.”

There was so much I wanted to say but couldn’t. Someone could have walked by my office at any point and overheard my side of the conversation. He knew this and used it to his advantage.

“Does that sound like a plan?” he asked with a chuckle.

“That might work,” I said in the most professional voice I could muster. Just then my name was paged over the intercom system: Marian Green to conference room please. Jack heard the loud summons.

“I have to go,” I said.

Before I hung up I heard him growl, “I want to fuck you so fucking bad.”

The Office Games Round VIII: Nooner

The hot afternoon sun beat down on my blonde waves as Jack and I strolled out of our usual lunch spot. We fell into step, relaxed from the easy conversation and a glass of wine each. His white oxford sleeve grazed my arm as we made our way across the parking lot to our vehicles.

About thirty yards away a woman had the back passenger door of her car open and was obviously searching for something. While barefoot.

“That woman doesn’t have shoes on,” Jack whispered conspiratively, “I bet she was having a nooner!” Continue reading

I Emailed the Reason I Started Blogging Back

The Australian’s email has been sitting in my inbox for almost a week. The unexpected contact threw me into a bit of tailspin, but not in a bad way. The rush was amazing. But I didn’t respond. I waited. Day after day passed. When thoughts of him disregarding his own set boundaries and reaching out crossed my mind I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. But still I waited. Why? First I wanted to calm down so I wasn’t flooding his inbox with emotion. But mostly I just wanted to savor the moment. As long as I didn’t hit the reply button he was the one waiting for me. He’s not waiting any more. I sent my reply about fifteen minutes ago:

What a lovely surprise to hear from you! And you remembered my birthday. : )  I didn’t forget yours in July. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. That makes me so very happy for you.  
I’m doing good… writing when I can find the time.  
I remember you oh so fondly. 
Smiles from across the sea,

He won’t write back, not for a long time anyway. And that’s all right. It’s tempting to play the “what if” game. What if he comes back to the states? What if he asks me to come see him? What if… But I refuse to do that. I will alway carry love for him, but what we had is what we had. It was beautiful and we both will cherish the memories for the rest of our lives. But the memories won’t keep me from living. I’ve too much LIFE in me for that.

Steeping in Memories

“What happened two hundred, five hundred, seven hundred years ago that we were kept apart? How many times have our souls crossed paths through the millennia and leapt with joy and recognition only to be ripped apart again because of circumstances?”

The questions the Australian had whispered in my ear while I lay on my side with my back against his chest and his arms around me replayed in my head tonight as I showered. The water beat a staccato rhythm on my back, flowing over my ass and legs, warming the skin. I scooped a handful of almond scented sugar scrub out of a glass jar and, starting with my ankles, vigorously rubbed the course paste over my body. I worked my way up, exfoliating my legs, hips, tummy and arms… thinking.

Our meeting that day was so unlikely—so fantastic—that the weavers of fate seem to have been involved. With just the tiniest adjustment of timing in either one of our journeys we would have continued through life with no knowledge of the other’s existence. But we did meet. And like magnets, we were drawn together.

I rinsed off the sugar scrub and filled my palm with shaving cream. Once lathered, I briskly ran the razor over my legs, efficient with my movements. Because tonight I had a plan. I would cleanse and groom in the shower and then run a deep, hot bath. That way I could curl up in the comforting, sudsy water with no agenda except to unwind and steep in my memories.

“12:49. That is the exact time I first saw you,” he told me.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because when you walked past me I felt this strange leaping inside my chest. It startled me. And I looked at my watch and thought, I’ll want to remember this moment.”

I hadn’t let myself savor a full moment-by-moment recalling of our interlude in quite some time. But after his email yesterday and the tailspin it sent me in, I felt like indulging tonight. The story is so beautiful, so bittersweet, so doomed from the beginning that it must be told. But not tonight. Because when I tell it, it will be some of the best writing I’ve ever put forth. And I’m too tired to write like that right now.

In answer to some of the questions raised after my last post… No, I haven’t written him back yet. But I will. I’m not sure what I’ll say yet, but my response will be calm, caring and free of angst. He didn’t tell me about the baby to hurt me. He knew I had wanted to know if he had a girl or a boy. I’m glad he wrote. It validates that he still thinks about me too. But that is all it ever can be. I know that. And I’m all right with that. If I could turn back the clock and return to our time together I would do nothing differently. I have no regrets.


The Reason I Started Blogging Emailed

The reason I started this blog emailed me. Today. I’m at a loss. I shouldn’t be undone by contact from him. But I am. I reached out to my dear dissolute friend to talk me down from the ledge. She did. So I’ll share a bit of the story… in pictures. Continue reading

The Office Games Round VII: Hi Mouse. I’m Cat.

Round Seven of The Office Games in which nothing much happens. Except it does.

“You want to meet at Maria’s at noon?” Jack asked while hovering in my doorway. (Our lunches are getting to be a regular thing)

“Sure, but we better make it 12:30. I’m finishing up some stuff,” I said with a quick glance up before diving back into my work.

He leaned a broad shoulder against the doorframe and crossed one long leg over the other as if he planned to linger a while. I looked back up at him and raised an eyebrow.

“Shoo. Now. I don’t have time to entertain you.”

“Oh really?” he said with a devilishly handsome sideways grin, blue eyes twinkling.

“Really. Be gone tall one, “ I said while waving a dismissive hand at him for good measure.

He got.

The dynamic is shifting. I can feel it. We’re getting more comfortable around each other and at the same time we’re both toying with the other, crossing lines with seemingly innocent (and sometimes not so innocent) verbal banter. It’s morphing into a fascinating game of cat and mouse. Only he thinks he’s the cat. And maybe he was in the beginning. But not now.

I present these text messages as an example:

Jack: The Seattle trade show dates are set for mid-October. You going?
Me: I dunno. Depends on if there’s a large enough need for me to be there to justify the cost.*
Jack: Well yeah! I’ll just tell the boss I need help manning the booth.
Jack: Plus you know we’d have an awesome time.
Me: Uh huh. You just want to use me as bait.
Jack: You’d make very good bait
Me: I know. See if you can sell it to him. If so I’ll pack my good heels and everything.
Jack: Everything?
Me: Easy tiger.
Jack: Why aren’t all women like you?
Me: Because a lot of women don’t like being objectified.
Jack: And you don’t mind.
Me: I haven’t slapped you yet have I? :)
Jack: Hey!!! I don’t objectify anything!
Me: :)

Yeah. I know I’m getting a little cocky about this and it might come back to bite me in the ass. Maybe (or hopefully) literally? We shall see.

*P.S. I think he should automatically lose for not pouncing on this obvious word play. “large enough need”??? Come on!!!

P.S.S. It feels weird to post an Office Games update on the weekend. : )


Confession time. I am a shark week junkie. So between my favorite week in television and overload at work my posting has been slim. And I have lots to tell you! The Office Games have escalated, I’m now a fan of vibrators and my good girlfriend and I slept together. Ok. Ok. We passed out in my bed after a night out on the town. Sounded good though, right? Yeah. I just threw metaphorical chum in the blogging waters. But please hang with me until I can tell these tails properly.

Orgasming at My Desk

I’m perched on the edge of my chair, sitting very straight, legs pressed together. I stare at my computer screen intently, focused on what appears to be work. But for these few moments, I’m completely inside my own head. This is my time.  Continue reading

Weekend Wonderings – August 12th

So last week several of you played along with my Get-To-Know-You Q and A session! Hooray!!! So let’s do it again! Here’s who played along with the first ever Weekend Wonderings:

The Reclining Gentleman
CC Others
Paula Action
These cool folks answered in the comments of last week’s post, so don’t miss their great answers:
Kelli G
Modesty Ablaze
Valentine Logar
Rendezvous With Renee
Flogging Mommy
Jayne Ayres

On to this weekend’s questions!

What’s your favorite beauty tip?
Warm your eyelash curler for a few seconds with the hair dryer before using. The results are amazing!!!

How do you cope with stress?
Anyone who’s read my blog for very long knows that when I get stressed I want—no… NEED sex badly. It’s a ravenous craving that builds to be point where I can no longer think. So, because I still don’t have this job posting filled, I get myself off. Yes. At work. In my office. No one is the wiser, I promise. And then whew… I’m able to focus and deal with the insane pressures that sometimes accompany my job. You and I are the only ones who know the reason for my secret smile.

If you had to gain ten pounds what would you eat to gain the weight?
Shrimp and gouda cheese grits. Yep. I’m a good southern girl with a love of good
southern food.

If you were going to run away from your current life where would you go?
Somewhere by or on the sea. I have noticed an unintentional running theme of water and ocean imagery in my posts. This flows (forgive the pun) from my love of the sea’s majesty, beauty, peace and power. I’m at home by the water. I breathe. I feel free. So if I was running, which I sometimes long to do, I’d run to the water’s edge, feel the waves crashing around me, and dive in, reveling the salty buoyancy that carries my troubles away.

What the funniest penis name you’ve ever heard (not from a movie)?
Stanley. As in Stanley Power Drill. Yeah. I almost snorted vodka out my nose upon hearing that one. Can’t wait for more laughs!

Just like last week, leave a comment with a link (or just link back in your post) to your answers and I’ll include a list of all who played along in next week’s Weekend Wonderings post. If you don’t have a blog, email me ( the answers and I’ll include them in the post or leave them in the comments below.