Fortune Cookie

I cracked open my after-lunch fortune cookie today and read this:

Anyone who has been reading me for any amount of time has probably picked up on the fact that water splashes in and out of my posts on a regular basis. I love its fluidity, its buoyancy, its feel on my skin. So I’m completely game to make this fortune come true. Now the only question is… which body of water? Suggestions?

16 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie

  1. okay, so here it goes……gulf of mexico, through the panama canal into the pacific, follow the pacific ’til you get to the philippines – i’d definitely go through there, and take the long way round all that lot too – philippine sea, sulu sea, over malaysia and brunei darussalam into the south china sea, selat karimata, java sea, then up the makassar strait into celebes sea, back down to the banda sea, over to arafura sea, then timor sea, indian ocean heading to the maldives, through the kardiva channel, back into the indian ocean, arabian sea, gulf of aden, up the babel mandeb into the red sea, gulf of suez, suez canal, you’ve made it to the med! you can drop me off anywhere, i’ll make it home :)

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