The Office Games

So there’s this man at work. We’ll call him Jack. He joined our staff about three months ago. We’ve exchanged emails, phone numbers and witty banter. And now I’m wondering if he’s working the flirting equivalent of a long con on me. You know… the cross-country race instead of the 100-meter dash.

Maybe it’s all the Olympic talk, but while pondering whether or not Jack was the smoothest player I’d seen in a very long time, I got an idea. What if I blogged about his efforts and my responses to them? What if I let you weigh in on who won each round? And just like that THE OFFICE GAMES were born.

The Players

• A handsome, outgoing man in his late forties or early fifties
• Works in Department X at Level C
• Joined the staff three months ago

• A blonde hourglass in her thirties
• Works in Department Y at Level C
• Joined staff five years ago

The Object of the Game

For Him: We aren’t sure yet.
For Her: To figure out his game and beat him at it.

Are you ready? You think this’ll be fun? Ok… I’m off to write Round I.

26 thoughts on “The Office Games

  1. I must admit that I have a couple of intellectual/humorous/witty lovers that I communicate with solely through the internet with no intention of every making our relationship manifest. There is something I love about being able to make a woman swoon soley with my creativity and sometimes I just don’t want a sex or dating to ruin that.

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