Weekend Wonderings

I wonder about you. Yes YOU! Readers, followers, fellow bloggers. I want to get to know you! Over a cup of coffee perhaps? So I’m starting a little game called Weekend Wonderings. Every Sunday (hopefully a little sooner in the day) I’ll post a short mix of fun, deep and sexy meme-type questions. Leave a comment with a link (or just link back in your post) to your answers and I’ll include a list of all who played along in next week’s Weekend Wonderings post. If you don’t have a blog, email me (creativenoodling@gmail.com) the answers and I’ll include them in the post.

On to the fun!

In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
Yep. Maybe more than once if it meant I got more wishes granted. But I’d wish for good things. Really good things. Like loving, caring parents for every child in the world.

What’s your favorite chick flick?
The Wedding Date. The clothes, the British accents, the powder blue luggage, the hired man, Dermot Mulroney… sigh. And this quote:
“Darling, why waste ten more seconds on that horse’s ass when Mr. Tie Me Up Tie Me Down is waiting for you over there?”

Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
All are tempting. But I like my lazy time, so no to the athlete. I’d be afraid he would want me out running every morning, evening and weekend. I would be intimidated by an esteemed writer, so scratch that option. A great chef would be ohhh so divine, but I already have to watch what I eat to keep my hourglass in check, so best stay away. That leaves the CEO. And having known quite a few and bedded a couple, I’m thinking this could work!

What song evokes the strongest memories?
Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

Is pornography harmful or harmless?
I don’t know. Or perhaps I should say I can see how it could go both ways. I hope one of you has a better answer to this one than me.

So that’s it! Please play! I don’t want to be that kid in the sandbox all alone.

31 thoughts on “Weekend Wonderings

  1. sleep with someone i wasn’t attracted to, for a wish?
    sure. i did it for the last year of my marriage, so why not? and shallow bitch that i am, i would wish for independent wealth. that way i can do good things, plus have the means to care for myself in my dotage.
    favorite chick flick?
    hmmm. tough. steel magnolias maybe. that’s more my fave “need to cry” movie. oh. thelma and louise, of course.
    I’d date the writer. i love words. and i think the writer would amenable to quite days on the couch with a good book.
    probably rock around the clock… rainy day, baking cookies with my mom and the song came on the radio. she showed me how to dance like she did when she was a young lady… scooting along the linoleum in our stocking feet… good times.
    this one is tough. i think the harm it does is greater than the benefits it offers. i think it is harmful in that anyone can access it, regardless of age, before they have the life experience to put it in proper perspective. it is harmful in that too much of it is demeaning to women and teaches our young girls that debasement is ok, and they have no value other than as something to ejaculate on or in. it teaches young girls that anal is mandatory. i could go on but i think you get my position. no pun intended. lol.

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  3. I have a reflective post in mind so when I get a moment I’ll tack this on the end. Easy enough questions to answer.

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  5. Marian, I love your idea.

    I don’t know how to link : ( so I made it a post. Do what you’d like with it.)

    In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
    “weren’t attracted to”…does that mean I might be disgusted by him ? If it’s just a guy or girl – whatever the rules are and the person wasn’t gross – even a little, YES.

    What’s your favorite chick flick?
    That scene in wedding date when he’s telling her something against the car – I know you know Marian – is definitelty a panty dropper!!

    French Kiss, Mr & Mrs Smith, no – The Thomas Crowne Affair (Brosnan/Russo)

    Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
    whichever one was the guy who was the most compassionate with his own daring force, sensual enough for a good teasing, comfortable enough in his own skin to not be afraid of looking like an ass sometimes and who also values integrity, light heartedness and my good parts and doesn’t mind the bad.

    What song evokes the strongest memories?
    Donna Summer – Love will always find you …that whole album

    Is pornography harmful or harmless?
    It depends on What kind, hopefully it is made with adults who choose to do it and why and what you watch it for. For release or arousal – great. As fuel you can’t control to then abuse someone – no.

    So that’s it! Please play! I don’t want to be that kid in the sandbox all alone.

  6. In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
    I’m ashamed to say that I would and for small, shallow things like maid service.

    What’s your favorite chick flick?
    I’m not a huge chick flick fan, but I do have a mom crush on Hugh Jackman, so I will watch anything he is in. He was sexy as hell in Australia, and I’ve seen Wolverine a gazillion times just because he’s naked in the barn scene. Whew! I get sweaty just thinking about it.

    Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
    The problem with athletes and CEOs is they are very dedicated to something (many somethings) other than me which means I would be number 20 on their priority list. I’m too much of an attention whore for that. Writers are intense and spend a lot of time in their heads; I should know I am one. There is only room for one person like that in a relationship, and that’s me. A great chef, however, suits me just fine. I hate to cook and love to eat, and I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen afterward.

    What song evokes the strongest memories?
    Anything by the Rolling Stones or Bob Seger. My dad is a huge fan, and we used to listen to them all the time on family road trips.

    Is pornography harmful or harmless?
    I have found that I can only take porn in small doses but that it increases my level of arousal if I watch it, let my mind stir, and then do nothing about it for a while. It makes for an interesting evening with my husband. Outside of the obvious illegal things, the only harm I can see is if the viewer starts to expect porn star sex in real life. It happens but not often. Just like Hollywood movies, there are cut scenes to make everything seem perfect. Also, I don’t think it’s demeaning to women. Like BDSM, the key word here is consensual, and there’s currently a push for videos to show women enjoying the sex and having real orgasms. In my view, this is an improvement over what used to be available. My only caveat to this is the use of young women who, I feel, don’t always know what they’re getting themselves into.

    Sorry this ended up so long. You asked great questions, and it was a lot of fun answering them. Love your blog!

      • great answers. my comments on porn were the negatives, but you make excellent good points, i totally agree. and I must chime in an agreement in HJ. the extra hotness factor is that, in interviews, he seems to be genuinely baffled by his effect on women. my mom, who wasn’t into men really at all, would mutter “my goodness!” and blush whenever he came on the TV. totally adorable.

  7. 1. But of course I would. And multiple times too. I’m a dreamer and a wisher for things I can’t have. So if all I had to do was fuck someone ugly for a wish, I’d be happy to.
    2. When Harry Met Sally of course. The deli scene is my favorite. I have told my bff with a dick that I will do that to him one day. He better be prepared! (best line in the movie is: Harry: You know, you may be the first attractive woman I’ve not wanted to sleep with in my entire life.Sally: That’s wonderful, Harry.)
    3. I would love to be with an esteemed writer. Screw the rest of them. Giggle. Give me a man that can pour words over me and make me purr, and I will follow him anywhere.
    4. I’m kind of a music whore, but the one that really brings me to my knees is Pictures of You by The Cure. I’m an 80’s wild child so of course my best memories would be from my youth.
    5. I like porn. I always have. I’m not into anything too degrading. Or men and women that are too young. But what two or more consenting adults do in front of the camera is up to them. I think sex is amazing, wonderful, awesome, exciting, freeing, and, and, and. But porn is not realistic. Young people should not think that a woman cums 15 times and that a man can last for hours.Take porn for what it is. It’s provocative, sexy, entertaining and fun. It most certainly is not a guide to better sex. That, one must read and practice at to become better.

  8. Sorry late to the game, but think maybe I will answer your questions anyway.

    No, never again will I ever sleep with a person I am not attracted to body mind and soul. Not for anything or everything.

    I don’t have a favorite chick flick, not really. But I have a lot of favorite moments. I would love to have someone say this to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-_8wcpyAVU

    None of the above. I would rather have a thinking, a philosopher, a man of great mind and greater heart. Hell at this point I wouldn’t give a damn if it was a man or a woman, just someone who could talk to me.

    Wild World, Cat Stevens

    In most cases harmless. Like anything else, when overdone harmful. When children are used horrifyingly harmful.

  9. Oohh!! I’m late as well (VERY BUSY weekend . . . LOL !!!) . . . but if I can still play . . .

    In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
    Actually, I hope you won’t think me boring . . . BUT, I do have to feel some sort of attraction!

    What’s your favorite chick flick?
    Any of my own “private” movies taken by my Hubby!! (Am I allowed to say this?)

    Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
    Mmm, would have to be an athlete . . . (as long as I found him attractive!)

    What song evokes the strongest memories?
    Blue Hotel by Chris Isaak

    Is pornography harmful or harmless?
    As with all things, I’m sure it can have a different affect on different people at different times. I personally love it . . . but then I’m . . . ????

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