The Office Games Round V: No Game?

Round Five of the Office Games in which I’m left wondering if there is no game going on after all.

So we did go to lunch yesterday and I was half expecting my salad to come with a heavy side of innuendo. But nope. It was all fun, platonic business talk. I got zero sexy vibes the entire meal. Now I’m thinking this is probably all in my head and I’m reading more into his comments and emails than I should. The ONLY hint I got that maybe I’m not imagining things was when we were talking about personalities up at the office and were discussing who’s outgoing and who isn’t. We both agreed that he’s outgoing to the max and he said, “Yeah and I tend to be touchy too. I’ve had a very hard time not hugging you.”

I just laughed it off and said, “Well be sure you don’t touch Evan. (a guy who struggles to even shake hands) He’s got issues with that.”

I don’t think this was really a “round” with winners and losers. Maybe just a wakeup call for me that nothing is going on except in my over-active brain. What say you?

33 thoughts on “The Office Games Round V: No Game?

  1. some people just like to flirt. and you can handle it and don’t freak out, so he might just be having fun. have fun back. it isn’t always sexual, and when its not, it isn’t an indictment on your sexiness.

    • I think you might be exactly right and it will just stay at the flirty banter level. Which is good! Or it could regress to no flirty banter. Which would put a damper on my office games posts. :)

  2. I agree with kellig… but I also say from the guy’s perspective he might have backed off to see what you would do. In other words, he was probably sitting there all lunch thinking, “Hmm, she’s not flirting, maybe this is all in my head.”

  3. Well shoot. This sounds so much like a work situation I’ve had. How confusing! I guess because flirting isn’t something you just do. If you aren’t really interested, why bother? This situation would frustrate the mess out of me because it would feel like more…

  4. It’s definitely easier to come up with quick and suggestive one-liners in the office. It’s also MUCH easier to be brave, suave and witty behind emails. But when it’s face to face, be it live or over the computer, it becomes a much different ball game because things get “real.”

    I’d score this round a DRAW.

  5. Before you start “getting things going”, you should know what you want or rather, what you don’t want. … how far are you willing to go here darling Marian??? We’re going to turn into a Roman Crown of the Coliseum – all sexual, wanting and violent if we don’t get what we want. hahaha, can you imagine?? This could become a new – technologically timely Outer Limits! Jayne

    • You’re right Jayne. I DO need to think this through a little more. I’m loving the flirting and don’t want it to stop, but I do know there is a natural progression to these things. So the short answer is: I don’t know. : )

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