So I Have This Pirate Fantasy

I don’t remember the capture, just the wreck, the fire, the screams as the ship went down. Blurred shapes of red, brown, gold and silver slowly come into focus illuminated by flickering candlelight. I stir and when the soft sheets caress my skin I realize I’m in a bed. Naked. The recognition of my vulnerability startles me awake.

Movement across the cabin draws my attention and I see him sitting quietly in a red leather wingback chair, watching me. His white shirt is rolled up at the sleeves revealing weathered arms. He is leaning forward, elbows propped on knees clad in black pants, his chin resting on clasped hands that wear several gold rings. Shoulder length black hair frames his tanned face out of which piercing gray eyes gaze. He’s beautiful.

“You’re awake.”

His voice is low, rumbling and soothing, like antique velvet.

“What happened?” I whisper.

“We plundered the ship,” he says matter-of-factly.

“The crew? The passengers?” I croak.

“All in little row boats headed for shore. They’ll be fine. We’re thieves, not murderers.”

“But you took me. Why?”

“Because you were the only woman on deck not running around screaming like an insane person. You just stood calmly at the railing, wind blowing your hair, watching as we sunk your ship. And like I said, we’re thieves. I take what I want.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

His voice dips into a low rhythmic rumble and his gray eyes go stormy as he says, “You’re getting ready to find out.”

With that statement he stands, his height and size dwarfing the room. He approaches the bed, a yellow silk robe grasped in one hand. I slide deeper under the covers, grasping the sheets as if they will protect me.

“No. That’s not going to work. You are going to do exactly as I say,” He says softly, confidently.

“Or what?” I say defiantly.

“Or I will let each and every one of my crewman have his way with you.”


“Now, put this on,” he says as he tosses me the robe.

I sit up, slide out of the bed and slip into the yellow silk. He takes me by the hand and a jolt of desire shoots from my fingertips to the rest of my body. The outlines of my taut nipples are clearly visible under the thin fabric. He leads me out of the cabin and onto the deck. The full moon overhead casts silvery white light over the water and ship, making it easy for me to see the dozen or so crewman who’ve all stopped their tasks and turned to stare at their captain.

“Lesson time boys!”

It’s then that I notice the large rectangular table positioned in the middle of the deck. All the men are grinning and heading in that direction and so are we. I inhale sharply and look at my captor.

“They won’t lay a finger on you. If they do, their punishment is much worse than what waits for you if you don’t cooperate. Now, all you have to do is lay on the table.”

He lifts me onto the hard surface and I lay back, closing my eyes to block out the watchers. I hear him talking to the men, telling them what he’s going to teach them, but the words don’t register. I’m diving within myself, deep, ready to be numb to whatever is to come.

I feel him untie the robe and open it, exposing my naked flesh to the salty night air. His hands run the length of me, quickly, warming my skin. They come to land on my breasts and begin to tease my nipples. He takes each of their points into his mouth in turn, sucking and then pinching the tip between his teeth before flicking his tongue rapidly across the sensitive flesh. My back arches involuntarily. While still teasing my nipples he reaches between my legs dips a finger between my folds. I’m moist. My body is betraying me. He delves deeper, roughly, in and out with two expert fingers, drawing forth the silky wetness within. I feel my legs trying to part, wanting to give him better access but stop myself just in time. He continues relentlessly as I try to ignore the sensations, the rapid-fire tongue, the plunging fingers, but I can’t.

He releases my breasts and traces a trail down my abdomen with his mouth, licking, nipping and kissing all along the way. Once at my well he stops.

“Open your legs.”

I hesitate.

“Open your legs my dear. Remember what I told you.”

My body trembles, shudders, gives in. I bend my knees and open for him. And it’s a relief. His shoves three fingers into my channel and hooks them upward, almost lifting me off the table with his inner grip. Over and over he hooks me, his mouth working my clit as his fingers grind faster and faster and faster. I’m gripping the table, trying not to give in to his ministrations. I feel my body flying, racing toward its release and then… I come. Proof of my orgasm spills into his hand as my guttural scream splits the night and I spasm repeatedly on the hard wood table. I hear a collective gasp from the men who had all been silent up until that moment.

Before I surrender to unconsciousness I hear him say, “Any questions?”

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