The Office Games Round VI: Hugs

Round Six of The Office Games in which we hug.

Jack has been out of the office since Tuesday on a business trip and after our rather platonic lunch I’ve been prepared to just let things be. He returned today.

I breeze by his office on my way to make copies of a document, see him and pop my head in the door to say welcome back. I’m wearing a long black and white striped flowing skirt, snug black tee, turquoise jewelry and teal platform heels.

“Hey!” he says enthusiastically as he rounds his desk coming toward me.

Before I have time to react, his arms are reaching for me. And what do I do? I morph into a complete klutz! That’s right. Somehow in the process of shifting my body away from the door in preparation for the oncoming hug I step—hard—on his foot and almost twist my ankle in the process. He catches me as I’m falling, steadies me and expresses concern for my foot, which I assure him is just fine. All I want to do is get my mortified self out of there, but before I can flee he says, “Can we try that again?”

I bite my lower lip, give him a sideways smile and say sheepishly,
“If you’re willing to risk it.”

The man is willing. He wraps both arms around me and squeezes tightly, which presses my soft breasts against his hard chest. Then, so quickly it could have almost not happened, he bends his head and lets his lips graze my temple for a soft kiss.

“I missed ya,” he says, releasing me.

“Good to have you back,” I say with a quick wave as I head out the door to the
copy machine.

Then the emails start.

8:45 AM, Jack Lancing wrote:
Gonna be a good day! Glad to be back in town!

8:49 AM, Marian Green wrote:
I absolutely ground your Cole Haan into the carpet. So embarrassed. Sorry!!!! But glad to have you back in the office.

8:52 AM, Jack Lancing wrote:
Don’t worry about it, it’s no big deal at all. And certainly don’t be embarrassed, stuff happens sometimes!  Plus, your hug made it all worthwhile :) Very glad to see you. Also, you look hot today if you hadn’t already noticed.  :)

So win or lose I’m thinking the game is back on.

28 thoughts on “The Office Games Round VI: Hugs

  1. He really wants to plunder you and the hug was his way of apologizing for being so platonic the other day. Telling you you look hot is his way of crossing the line, for starters.

  2. Oh, boy is into you. It’s almost like it could turn into something, but only if you want it to. Game is definitely back on

  3. Oooh La La tell us what he looks like. By the way, I would have stopped flirting at a lunch with a co-worker / playmate because of the intimacy. I would have wanted to stop playing to see what the person is like just one on one – no games….but thats all the while imagining him naked. : )

  4. Hallmark says, “He’s winning your heart”………..sorry I had to throw that syrupy, corny line as I laugh and swallow so I won’t vomit. It’s these cute, sweet, inkling moments of potential romance that keep the heart beating, no matter how corny because there is nothing wrong – absolutely nothing to work through or overcome. Only thoughts of soft breasts pressing against his chest – kissing him… and look at him getting up to give you that hug he said he had a hard time NOT doing before your lunch … I’m just thinking out loud : )

  5. “Can we try that again?” – Oh my dear God, I think I would have melted there and then. Self-confident and direct guys just. do. it. for me…
    For that reason only, I have to give him advantage here.

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