Orgasming at My Desk

I’m perched on the edge of my chair, sitting very straight, legs pressed together. I stare at my computer screen intently, focused on what appears to be work. But for these few moments, I’m completely inside my own head. This is my time. 

I conjure up strong hands that cover my body, teasing my nipples into sharp points. I lean forward a little, curving into the imagining. My legs grind against each other as desire drives recklessly to the edge of the abyss. There I pause, letting the momentum catch up, my breathing coming faster now. Then I reach between my thighs and feel the slick wetness through my panties. I touch stealthily, back and forth, picturing the tip of a swollen cock taking the place of my fingers, swirling in the statin pool.

And then I quietly come, the release noticed only by me. I sit back in my chair with only the slightest of remaining little quivers and begin working again, wearing my secret smile. This secret smile…


68 thoughts on “Orgasming at My Desk

  1. Oh my – you’re getting daring! What pretty lips you have Miss! You’re gonna drive these boys crazy. Too bad one of them wasn’t there so you culd be “hands free”. : )

  2. See, that’s where women have the advantage over men at their desk. You can double click your mouse and no one ever has to men. A man has clean up…what if someone walks up and they have to the hand away…a women doesn’t really have to take IT out:)

    Nice post!

  3. Haha, this is me… and then someone walks into my office right after! Are you kidding me right now? I just know my face is beet red and they’re thinking, “Should I call her a doctor?” and I can smell myself faintly and I’m thinking, “Get the fuck out or they’re gonna call you one!”

    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh Anne. You are so good for me. I adore the way you take things and run with them. Makes me laugh so hard that people poke their heads around the corner and give me funny looks. ; )

  4. Love it !!! . . . Do you feel little twinges of guilt afterwards though?
    Strangely I do after “similar” quick plays. And yet I never have the same guilt feelings after playing with Hubby, or with one of my lovers. Perhaps it’s my catholic up-bringing!!

      • Yes, now I’m going to have to wonder about the secret smile — is it because of what her ipod is sending to her via her earbuds, or does it have something todo with her hand scratching some itch under the desk?

  5. Funny moment. I once got a call from a representative of the government. He said, “Have you ever masturbated at work?” I said, “What a funny question. Sure.” And he moved on to the next question.

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